Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I DID IT--got some more string finishes for the String challenge --
I made some much needed hot mats and hot  holders---
Like I said -- much needed--- I seemed to have a whole pile of these red,blue,green strips in a ball in the basket of scraps--and as the kitchen is red, white, and black--I decided these would work nicely and a little "sparkle" to the kitchen--I also liked the size of the "burnt" one above--so made some that size!!!!

And I got this project done--
A cute pillow--

For either a kitty or a doggie that will be coming to live here one of these days!!!!
Now I really liked this project--first it was easy---just sewed alot of long "odd" ball strips together from the scrap basket---second--it was a way for me to justify what to do with the smaller pieces!!!!!
I have had a real problem with what to do with all those little bits of pieces---I just hate throwing them out and they are really too small sometimes to bother with---and then there is those small pieces of batting--that I keep--and then when I go to square up a quilt top and cut off that edging of fabric and batting--I hate to throw that away--but "hey" one can keep just soooo much!!!
BUT now I will collect them in a basket and make more "four legged" friendly beds and donate them to my local SPCA---so thanks Stephine from for coming up with this challenge--even if I had only gotten one other project made in the six months---I now have 9 to my name---way to go!!!

I will be back later for more of today's doing!!!

yep I am back--
another finish--
here is the Gifts of Grace block for June--
this is the last blocks for Bouquet by Jenny--I did get them started--but--month ran out---so will have to put them on July's list!!!!

And I did get this done this afternoon---
Yep--a whole wagon of packages ready to be "wheeled" to the Post Office tomorrow morning---
here's another little "game" for you!!!!
GUESS how much this will cost me to mail???/
Two packages are going out the country---the rest are US ones---leave guesses in US dollars---and yep--there's a prize for the one closest to the actual amount!!!!

And tomorrow is the 1st of July and my FALL challenge starts---
Here is my 1st project--
It is a felt project--and tomorrow I will be ordering the felt of it!!!
I only have "4" of you signed up so far---SOOOO---you can do that on this post too if you decide you want to--the guidelines are on this
So let's have some fun here!!!!!!
It sure has "felt" like Fall here today--only about 55 degrees out--and the air has been chilly--I even had to go put "socks" on!!!

****Don't forget the contest in yesterday's post--go there to leave that answer--*****

Have fun tomorrow--a new month begins!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Those potholders are just really happy, colorful and fantastic as well as useful! I have a soft spot for the animal beds. Happy Hearts to you for doing that!!!

  2. Great job using up those string "scraps"! I hate to throw out those bits n pieces too.

  3. Wooohoooo! Way to go Di!! I only got 2 done, but I am happy :)

  4. My guess for postage is $35.50 You get so much done! Lovin the strings.

  5. You and Joy have been stringing right along. I think I may have to do some too. I like the nice bright colors. I am going to guess $48.67. L,A-

  6. Love your new potholders. Very nice color combo! You've gotten lots done, as usual! All those parcels, two out of the country...I'm going to say $77.45. Hoping it's less for your sake, though!!

  7. Love the strip piecing items you made. Good job!!

  8. I'm lost for words - you are marvellous, Di. I have no idea what postage costs you, but I'll try with $43.50.

  9. Oooooh I love that little scarecrow pattern. Cant wait to see your finished creation.
    I'll say $62.10 on postage

  10. Strings!! Love that you made pot holders...after seeing yours I'm thinking YEAH...I could use some new ones!!
    Postage....I mail all the time but haven't a clue so here is a wild guess...$31.65

  11. Love the hot mats Di and the pillows for the critters are wonderful.
    As far as postage goes, who knows, it drives me nuts trying to figure postage on things for my shop.


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