Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I got the sewing room unburied today---
See the table is set up with the two sewing machines and the ironing board is up and ready---
and my cutting counter---oh dear--who put "stuff" on the cutting counter already????
I know that I had that all cleaned off at one point--cause I traced off May's First Friday Freebie today and started that--only two more days and Junes will be out--am hoping I can get May's done by then!!!!!
Did get this one finished this morning--
bom by Val---for May---I love this bird and this block!!!!

Did do two loads of laundry this afternoon and knitted on a baby hat while I was down there--you know sometimes regular life gets in the way of our "fun" life--darn!!!

After supper tonight I did my little walk ---out to check on the gardens--
About four years ago when I took over a couple small flower gardens here---one had a bad peony bush in the one corner that was no good--but when I pulled it out--I found three little sections of roots that had what looked like a small bud on them--so I planted the three of them in a row in the middle of this one garden--and look what I have today from those three tiny shoots!!!!!
they are just huge and soooo pretty---see there's hope even for some of us who look like we all dried up--dead inside---give us a little start, hope, water, sunshine and some love and you never know just how beautiful that person can become!!!!
Ok Di---enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we having fun yet????
hugs, Di


  1. Love your peonies. And I'msure they appreciate your tender loving care.

  2. Your peonies are such a pretty soft color. I'm so glad you saved them. :-) Your place looks great...very inviting and warm! I love the little bird BOM too!

  3. Well done!! You should have lots of muscles by now. Your birdie is pertie!!!We will see lots of new creations not that you can get to the machines right??? L,A-

  4. I love your finished quilt block and the peonie is beautiful.

  5. The peonies are lovely! I find that the worst thing about redecorating is once you get started you have to finish! You can't just wander off to do something more fun...

  6. Your sewing rooom looks great! Will you come and unbury mine?


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