Saturday, July 31, 2010


I did it ----
I got all my monthly projects done with in the month and then some--I think!!!
Here's the last two finishes--
Flirting with flowers bom by Tozz--this was the last main block--so next month on my list will be putting all the blocks together and getting it basted like I did Jenny's  Bouquet bom!!!

Joy Luck is all done----
So that made "two" quilts that I sewed and hand quilted this month---
with the one I did for Kelly's challenge and this Schnibbles--no wonder I feel like this----
Now I have to start on August list---
Don't even have a day of rest in between!!!!!
But guess what---
It is -----
to go do this---
so I can come home with these--
AH---"Di" what is going to be in these "bags"??????
You know that sounds like a "fun" question---
Yep--this sounds like a little 'give away" fun time--
Can you guess what will be in the bags-----????????

Friday, July 30, 2010


How was your day????

I ended up downstairs this morning doing this--
I do not like this job--but am always "thankful" that I have the equipment handy to make the job easy---and I love seeing all the drawers and my closet full of clean clothes and I can once again have some "choice" of what to wear each morning!!!!

then at 3 pm today Little sister and did our trip over town---only we did a different route today and we started at the "farmer's market"--
Oh now you are being "funny" Di--not that kind of Farmer's items---
you know the fruits and vegetables kind-----
I got some really great looking "orka", 2 ears of fresh corn, blueberries, and some summer squash--so I will be able to eat like a "king" over the week end!!!!!!!

Then we went to the Quilt shop and got a piece of fabric for the binding on Joy Luck and I am full of "joy" tonight as all the hand quilting is now finished--so tomorrow I can put the binding on it--may make it by the end of the month -- yet?????
And I only have the two rose boms to do and I will have everything done for this month!!!!!

Here's some photos I took while out and about today---
Huge blooms on this bush--
An all black neighborhood kitty--at least I hope he has a home!!!!
Oh little sister and I got our pizza slice for a late afternoon "snack" before coming back here!!!!

SOOO-- I was busy today--and today went fast as always---weather was cooler today--but unfortunately the air was "smelly" today--even heard some of the others complaining that don't have my health issues--sooooo!!!!

OK all you quilters out there---just "1" more day--left of July--for finishes and goals to be met!!!!!
Then on sunday--it will be August 1st and the "good news" is ----
we get to do it all over again for another month---work--stitch--work--stitch--unstitch--work---------

Am I "boring" you yet????

Hugs, Di

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I remember one holiday years ago when the whole family was at my parents house--which was not a very big house--so the kitchen and living room was over run with adults and young-in's---and the noise and confusion "level" was over the Hill--I just threw up my arms and shouted--"Calgon take me away!!!!"  the commercial for calgon was fairly popular back then--well--everybody stopped what they were doing or saying for a minute--then everyone laughed--but once that quieted down things were more at a normal level and everyone was happy---so see sometimes it doesn't take much to make others "happy"!!!!

OR sometimes a little chocolate will do it too!!!!!

Ok what did I get done today---
The Gifts of Grace block for July---they always look easy and quick on the paper--but this block has alot of work to it---I get impatient sometimes as it takes me so long to do it---but I always love the block when I am done--and I guess that is the way to go!!!
OH you say you thought the center design on this was mushrooms???  Well--yes it was--but I am just not a mushroom person--so I thought the gift package fit the topic well !!

I did alittle more hand quilting on Joy Luck too--but still not done!!!!
Was a little "under the weather" tonight so did not go for a walk--so took a couple pictures of around here--
Did this from a book on Cat patterns that Anne had a few years ago--I still am in love with it!!!!  (though the funny part is these are not my colors!!!!)
This was a kit that I started when I lived in Florida in the late "80's"--
Little sister did one too!!!

And I used to love to tole paint---did two of these one for me--and three guess's who the second one was for????

Kinda short--but with the candy kisses--you have to say it was a "sweet" post tonight!!!!
Take care and just as a tiny reminder--there is only "2" more days to the month of July--OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That called for some more chocolate kisses!!!
Hugs, Di

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I actually "remembered" to grab my sunglasses today when I went out for my walk at 7pm!!!!! Unfortunately ---this is how the sky was---
Do you see where the sun is ---but tonight is it not bright--this is the walk way by the end of the lake that I usually walk --so I am always walking "into" the sun!!!!
I keep my sunglasses in my purse as they are prescription ones and are out of glass---
but am going to just pick up a cheap pair and keep them on the door for my evening walks---I have to take them off and on to be able to see what pictures to take with the camera!!!!
I know more ducks!!!!
But this family has a story tonight---this duck understands "english"!!!!!
I was following this family as they swam along the edge of the lake---then a lady came up with a slice of bread for them and they were swimming right along--so I said--"hey Momma duck look what we got"--she stopped and turned around and brought her little family back to eat--and she let the babies eat--until I finally said to her "momma--they have had enough you can have some"--and then she did eat!!!!  True story!
Just a couple other ones further down the path!!!
Let's see did 'Di" get any finishes done today???????
Yep--she got the "Fruit of the Spirit" bom done for July--
and she has started the "Gifts of the Spirit" bom--it is about half done--
and she is nearly done hand quilting the main body of Joy Luck--and I see today that we have til August 4th I think before the parade of the joy luck--but the August Schnibbles will be announced on Aug 1st!!!!

How did Ben Franklin feel when he discovered electricity?????


We now have "3" more days till August first!!!!!
Hugs, Di

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


WHY--can I not remember to take my "sunglasses" with me when I go for my evening walk?????
I always go down by our lake in the evening looking for some interesting "pictures" for my Blog Friends---and I get around behind the building and head that way and the Sun is right there--It is low in the sky in the West and so bright that you can not see anything--now this has been the "problem" all summer---I just can't remember those glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep--me is berry happy---
Was Anne day this morning--we both quilted for a couple hours--
then she went down the hall and got her 95 yr old mother and I called Little sister and we went to Mr. Chickens and had a sandwich for lunch--that was nice!!!
Anne left me these two Quilt magazines to read---did that right after lunch!!!
Then  I worked hard on this block to get it done--
And look--it is done---(except the buttons are not sewed on--after it is quilted we will do that--but they are picked out and pinned to the block for now!!)
Oh look he's got a leaf on his head--way to go Mr. Snowbound!!!!

Last night I actually got off the computer early and then I finished reading this book--
I really enjoyed this one---good read!!!!
OK on my walk tonight I took these pictures for you---
Rocks---you took pictures of rocks and moss to show us????
Yep---the first 3 pictures are at the end of the pier down there--I love the moss and how is "waves" in the water----This last picture shows you the size of the rocks they used to make a walk way at the edge of the boat docks--

After I took the rock pictures I turned alittle and took this picture of the boats from that angle---I have to say I have never walked on this rock wall--but alot of people have---I do remember the rocks going in---I lived over town then and boy you heard them set every rock in --and felt it!!!!!
Discovered these pretty flowers are the arbor tonight too---
I took  lots of pictures of the flowers---just love this color!!!!

Well just "4" more days to work on July's goals---how is everyone doing?????
NOW this is for all you "sun" worshipers out there----

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