Saturday, July 31, 2010


I did it ----
I got all my monthly projects done with in the month and then some--I think!!!
Here's the last two finishes--
Flirting with flowers bom by Tozz--this was the last main block--so next month on my list will be putting all the blocks together and getting it basted like I did Jenny's  Bouquet bom!!!

Joy Luck is all done----
So that made "two" quilts that I sewed and hand quilted this month---
with the one I did for Kelly's challenge and this Schnibbles--no wonder I feel like this----
Now I have to start on August list---
Don't even have a day of rest in between!!!!!
But guess what---
It is -----
to go do this---
so I can come home with these--
AH---"Di" what is going to be in these "bags"??????
You know that sounds like a "fun" question---
Yep--this sounds like a little 'give away" fun time--
Can you guess what will be in the bags-----????????


  1. Your work is most beautiful, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. Di, where do you get all your cute graphics? I love the cat getting ready to go swimming. Lovely finishes for July too!

  3. I know when the first of the month comes along Di will be going shopping. :) You might be getting a bit predictable though. There is usually some kind of yummy ice cream coming home with you. Plus, you have to have chocolate, right? Then there is always the fabric and new quilt patterns. I'm curious to see what our last Schnibble will be. Hopefully one I already own. I have been buying a couple extra each month if I see one that catches my eye.

  4. There must be some fabric in there, surely...
    Well done on your finsihes!!

  5. Still loving Joy Luck. The colors are great and I can't wait to see Tozz's put together. I am sure there will be chocolate in one bag,some fabric and patterns in another. Too easy!!!!! L,A-

  6. That is awesome that you got so much is great to accomplish goals.

  7. Hello busy Bee! I'm sure you will be shopping for some pretty fabric and maybe a treasure from the gift store?
    Oh, dark chocolate and chunky icecream are vital for the sewing mojo ... so get some of that, too.

  8. I'm always amazed at how much you get done. Congratulations on meeting all of your deadlines. I look forward to seeing the completed projects.

  9. Gorgeous! I hope there is fabric in those bags! I know I don't seem to bring anything home but fabric these days.

  10. Beautiful work and I like the graphics too.

  11. Pretty quilt! Missy you are one busy gal!! Let me see in your bags there will be choc, fabric, some ice cream ,oh yes a visit to the fav store for a home decor item maybe or possibly cat food, litter and assorted kitty items and a kitty!!!

    Have fun shopping!

  12. What a Busy Bee, you are!
    Beautiful projects!
    I think there's fabric in those bags, maybe a little thread too?
    Thanks so for sharing,love,Linda

  13. I am a fairly recent "lurker" and even I can safely guess ice cream and chocolate and fabric AND probably something for Little Sister! Keep up sharing, it's is good to read. Liz


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