Thursday, July 29, 2010


I remember one holiday years ago when the whole family was at my parents house--which was not a very big house--so the kitchen and living room was over run with adults and young-in's---and the noise and confusion "level" was over the Hill--I just threw up my arms and shouted--"Calgon take me away!!!!"  the commercial for calgon was fairly popular back then--well--everybody stopped what they were doing or saying for a minute--then everyone laughed--but once that quieted down things were more at a normal level and everyone was happy---so see sometimes it doesn't take much to make others "happy"!!!!

OR sometimes a little chocolate will do it too!!!!!

Ok what did I get done today---
The Gifts of Grace block for July---they always look easy and quick on the paper--but this block has alot of work to it---I get impatient sometimes as it takes me so long to do it---but I always love the block when I am done--and I guess that is the way to go!!!
OH you say you thought the center design on this was mushrooms???  Well--yes it was--but I am just not a mushroom person--so I thought the gift package fit the topic well !!

I did alittle more hand quilting on Joy Luck too--but still not done!!!!
Was a little "under the weather" tonight so did not go for a walk--so took a couple pictures of around here--
Did this from a book on Cat patterns that Anne had a few years ago--I still am in love with it!!!!  (though the funny part is these are not my colors!!!!)
This was a kit that I started when I lived in Florida in the late "80's"--
Little sister did one too!!!

And I used to love to tole paint---did two of these one for me--and three guess's who the second one was for????

Kinda short--but with the candy kisses--you have to say it was a "sweet" post tonight!!!!
Take care and just as a tiny reminder--there is only "2" more days to the month of July--OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That called for some more chocolate kisses!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I love your kitty quilt! Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Still not done with Joy Luck???? Hmmm. Aren't you glad we have until the 5th for it?

    Cute kitty quilt!

  3. Love the kitty quilt!!! Of course.
    And generosity. Nice touch.

  4. Hope you are feeling better, maybe the walk was refreshing enough?

    Love what you are doing....those cats are adorable.

  5. The kitty quilt is so sweet! Are quilters more cat than dog people? Or are cats easier to sew than dogs? I've just noticed that there are more fabrics and patterns with cats on. I think?

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon. I love your cross stitch sampler. And I really like the way you filled in the flowers on the Gifts of Grace block. Was I supposed to do that? My goodness.. whether I was or not I'm gonna copy you cause I like it.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the cat quilt. Not my colors either but I love the design.

  8. You are so quick getting Val's BOM's done! I'm still working on the 3rd one "Love". I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks they take a long time to do. More hours than to piece and quilt. And I too plan on changing the mushrooms. They are lovely if you are Val and live near cute ones. But for me that represent the 70's and/or being stoned.


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