Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well--Dear Blog Readers--
Did everyone have a great week end????
And what did you do?????

Me -- I worked sorta all week end---
Saturday was mainly spent doing laundry ALL day--but it always feels good to have nice fresh clean clothes and to have the closets and the drawers "full" of choices once again!!!
And I did retake a picture of the Joy Luck quilt and do think the color came out much better--

Today I did finally get the Kelly quilt in quilt all hand quilted--tomorrow we have a plan!!!

And I got some more work done on my Fall table mat--
I also got one and half of another baby hat knitted over the weekend--so I am "bumming " right along here---yet took my time on the projects and did enjoy the process on each one!!!!  I am ready to work on some bom's this week!!!!


these vines are down in the little park area by the end of the lake where I go--
lots of blooms on this plant this year--
Just beautiful!!!!

This is me and I am the "joke" for today---
You remember I am in the Jelly roll challenge and a couple days ago I showed you the two blocks for this past pattern #10---well here it is again--
I mean I worked hard on this block to get this block and the one in my color way to come out in this design---I was sooooo sure that this is what I was "seeing" on the pattern---
But I believe this is how we were "suppose" to be putting them together---
Can you see the difference??????  ( I borrowed this photo from Moose on Porch's site)
I made sure mine were the opposites not together like this one!!!
Will I redo my two blocks????????
NO  NO NO---
So go forward and stitch up a storm this week--there is only
       -----------13 days----left of July------

So lets have some fun!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. hee heee! I did notice that Di, but it still looks good!!! I had a few changes in some of my blocks too, so NO UNPICKING ALLOWED!!
    PS If you find your mind, I wonder if mine will be there with it....?

  2. I'm doing laundry right now. Sheets and towels tomorrow. Not my favorite thing to do.

    I like your block they way you made it. I wouldn't make it over either.

    Your table mat is looking nice.

  3. Yes ,It took me a while to figure out the difference but admit I like your block a lot.
    Got some laundry done today,been raining here lately.
    Woo Hoo got my garden trellis top finished finally. off to quilters!!

  4. Being different is a good thing right? I think a lot of people had trouble with that block. It looks good that is all that matters. L,A-

  5. Yep, I am still looking for my mind....did you find it?

    Love all the projects you have going on...

  6. I must remember that saying - it is perfect for me!
    I took a while figuring out the difference .... your block looks good, too.

  7. We were busy here too but no sewing.
    Your block looks just fine to me!
    I have just stopped looking for my mind..I thought maybe it would get lonely an come on home but so far sight unseen!

  8. LOL!! That is so funny about your block - well I guess funny is a bit rude - but believe me I've been there plenty of times. And life is so much more fun when we laugh. And the block still looks good - I would just leave it.


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