Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had the AC on early today --because our "famous" sewer plant was working overtime from the busy week end--cleaning up -- and adding a nice "scent" to the air---so---you like close the window's quick and turn on fans or AC !!!!!

Then it was also friend -- Ann's day--
We each quilted on our own projects for an hour or so--then she took me to Walmart--
Cause I needed a very "important" food group for my diet---
and of course --just a few other things jumped into my cart--
So "6" full bags later -- we walked out---
I  really was shocked when we walked out the door here to go over there---I really had "no" idea that it was so humid out---WOW--O--WOW!!!!  I know that it was worse even down south of me!!!!
Ann and I came back here for lunch--just turkey sandwiches--too hot to eat anything else!!!!

then I had to go down "cellar" and do this---
Well-so it isn't actually the cellar here---but it was having to go up and down the stairs and it reminded me of doing laundry on the farm where I grew up--where the laundry was done in the cellar and "yes" I did use one of these--or rather helped my Mom use one of these to do laundry!!!!! (yep--even got my arm caught in it one day!!!)
The real "sad" thing is -- I have to go again tomorrow--tomorrow will be sheets and towels!!!!

boy did I miss not having any mail come for three whole days--was terrible!!!!
but luckily today one of the orders did come in--
I feel in love with these panel some time ago--finally had to order it--and I will tell you that it is beautiful and there is really "2" panels on each panel cut--they are the same--but what you do is--you make one for yourself and one for a friend!!!!!! (lol)
And the red pile is red "velvet" rick rack--very pretty-- and the white one is narrow rick rack!!!
and that "Di" person---whatever are we going to do with her???????
She has soooo many patterns now---and then look now what she added to this order--more--sure hope her "sewing fairy" shows up--or this gal is in trouble!!!!  

WELL--I hope you all stay "cool" or "warm" where you are--either way--both temperatures are surely good stitching and quilting weather!!!!!!!!


  1. It is so hot out. You're right, a/c is the only way to go. Unfortunately I had to take the kids to various sports all day. But now I'm happy. LOL Great stuff in your mail today...I love those kind of mail days!

  2. I'll be your best friend if you need someone to share that panel with. I love it! Too hot to do anything here today, so I was actually glad to go to work and stay nice and cool.

  3. I think we are going to have to clone you soon if you keep buying patterns. Pretty panel!It is yucky hot here too and only going to get worse. L,A-

  4. Looks like no sleep for you as you work your way through all your projects/patterns!! What fun mail!!

  5. You need to come around here... it is freezing!!! We've got the log fire burning brightly :) Makes me feel like it is Christmas :)

  6. Yes! HOt, hot...time to stay inside with a cool iced tea and a quilt!

  7. Hi Diane, Haven't touched base for a while my computer is acting up.had new operating system put in last evening but still having a few issues. Talked to family in Ottawa and they are having same heat wave as you. It will be here on the weekend but with rain I think.
    Stay cool
    Hugs Faye

  8. It's so hard to go from a cool store to the humidity outside. Even at 2 am it is hard to go from the cold air to the humid night.

    Great mail day! Wonderful panel.

  9. It's hot here today too. Around 98 or 99. Ick. At least I don't have the sewer smell on top of it. Gag!
    Love all your new goodies you got in the mail. Funny, I get just as giddy about mail. My sister is on her way here with the kiddo's. They haven't been here in over 2 years. I'll be pooped when they go home, but I'll love every minute of it!
    Have fun and stay cool sweetness!


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