Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I actually "remembered" to grab my sunglasses today when I went out for my walk at 7pm!!!!! Unfortunately ---this is how the sky was---
Do you see where the sun is ---but tonight is it not bright--this is the walk way by the end of the lake that I usually walk --so I am always walking "into" the sun!!!!
I keep my sunglasses in my purse as they are prescription ones and are out of glass---
but am going to just pick up a cheap pair and keep them on the door for my evening walks---I have to take them off and on to be able to see what pictures to take with the camera!!!!
I know more ducks!!!!
But this family has a story tonight---this duck understands "english"!!!!!
I was following this family as they swam along the edge of the lake---then a lady came up with a slice of bread for them and they were swimming right along--so I said--"hey Momma duck look what we got"--she stopped and turned around and brought her little family back to eat--and she let the babies eat--until I finally said to her "momma--they have had enough you can have some"--and then she did eat!!!!  True story!
Just a couple other ones further down the path!!!
Let's see did 'Di" get any finishes done today???????
Yep--she got the "Fruit of the Spirit" bom done for July--
and she has started the "Gifts of the Spirit" bom--it is about half done--
and she is nearly done hand quilting the main body of Joy Luck--and I see today that we have til August 4th I think before the parade of the joy luck--but the August Schnibbles will be announced on Aug 1st!!!!

How did Ben Franklin feel when he discovered electricity?????


We now have "3" more days till August first!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I forgot that we had until August 5th for the Schnibble parade.

    Looks like you have been keeping busy.

  2. Cute little duckies. The block looks great!! And having a extra pair of sunnies is always a good idea. L,A-

  3. I was going to get a prescription pair of sunglasses but decided that the cost wasn't worth it for me. I didn't want to worry about breaking or losing a $400 pair of sunglasses with all the taking on and off and switching glasses that I would be doing. I went to Walmart and bought a pair of sunglasses that slip over my regular glasses. Perfect! If I lose them it won't break the bank :)

  4. Cute ducks and the story is very fun. Love the kindness block. Beautiful morning from the picture you took! Thanks for sharing, Carolyn

  5. How sweet about the momma duck. Just like a human mom! :-) Love your pictures!


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