Monday, July 19, 2010


B==batty---NO--but not totally out of the question here!!!
B==bad---NO--been good today!!!
B==brought tooo much home---NO---have been home all day!!!!
So "Di" what is the "B" all about????
OH--maybe B==busy bee!!!!

Ah--now we are talking--
Yep---I was busy so far today---
And I did all "B" words today---

Baby hats---
got the third one finished today--I hear they are saying everyone is expecting "boys" right now--so did blues and yellows!!!

This month's Joy Luck quilt and two small wall hangings for my Early Bird Christmas Challenge!!!

And I got all of them basted to hand quilt!!!

And one more "B"---in sewing to day!!!!
B==Binding----I got my quilt for Kelly's quilt along alllllll finished and I just love this fabric line of Astor Manor---the colors are just so "beee-a--full"!!!!!!
Are we done yet with "B's"---NO---
Have one more "B" for today---
Mail call--
B==book---got this book in the mail and I am in love---now if I can just find the time and some "patience"---I would love to make me a whole batch (another B!!) of Prairie Dolls!!!!  I got this book off Amazon  for a total of $11.44 and that was with the $3.99 shipping included---I got this book to go with my little doll miniature quilts!!  The book is a 1994 one--but excellent with patterns, pictures, and instructions!!

In the photo under the basting---that shows you what is actually on my sewing "plate" for now that I am working on---depends on Mood, time, energy, and light--which one I grab and  work on!!!!

OHHHHH---I have one more "B"---
I am doing this "post" a bit early--because we are expecting some "bad" thunder storms this evening and I wanted to get the Kelly picture's posted!!!!

So I guess Before it gets here I need to do some other blog reading  --!!!!
so here is hoping you all have had a "B"eautiful day--
Hugs, Di


  1. How about B-eautiful!! Well done busy one. L,A-

  2. You certainly have been a "busy bee"! Everything is beautiful! Nola

  3. My goodness you have been a busy little bee :) It's nice to be busy at times. :) hugs Vicki

  4. Well, aren't you just the busy little bee? You get more done in a day than I get done in a month! I want to retire......

  5. Both Schnibbles & Quilt along are wonderful. I love your choice of fabrics, especially Joy Luck in Hartfield. Plum background is gorgeous.

  6. Wow you have been bbbb busy I finally finished quilting my quilt (on the machine though) love what you are doing - and by the way I am a choc-aholic and a quilt-aholic. Have a great day.


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