Friday, July 16, 2010


I kept my head down and stayed "glued" to the sewing machine, and me and Joy Luck worked along fairly smoothly today---
I can't say the same for my camera---have no idea why it took some washed out colored pictures of my Joy Luck quilt---but??????

this is the pattern,    and Carrie did this one in the Verna line--
This is mine--
And I used the "Hatfield" line---this is a picture of the main body--still close to what "Carrie" did--only I used the plum solid instead of a white---
Here is my "version" of it!!!!  I added another narrow border around the main one--in a lighter color ( also in the Hatfield collection) because a couple days ago when I was "pokin" around in the fabric closet I found this piece of fabric--
And it was the perfect color--and it has the "perfect" design on it----CATS-----
so I wanted to use it for the border!!!!!
It is hard somethings when we find certain fabrics and we just have to have them because of the color or design on them---but we get them home and they do not "go" with anything we have -- so they sit on the shelf---so when I realized this piece was the "same" hue and color as the background for the Joy Luck quilt--How could I not use it---right????????
( I am not a happy camper tonight with the way the colors look on this quilt---I will retake some pictures tomorrow for you---this line is sooo pretty!!!)
Now who is gonna "volunteer" to hand quilt it for me??????

I almost have the "Kelly challenge" one done---two more borders and a bit to hand quilt---so keep your 'eyes" on this blog site!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to worry----
In a car in the middle of Colorado, a wife said to her husband, "OH, dear George, I'm afraid the house is going to burn down.  I'm sure I left my iron on back there"!
George shrugged and casually replied, "the house will not burn down , dear, Don't worry".
"Now,  how can you make a statement like that with so much confidence?" his wife asked in disbelief.
"Easy," George replied.  "Because I forgot to turn the water off in the bathtub"!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I think it looks great girlfriend! Of course the thought of cutting all those little pieces gives me a headache! I haven't done patchwork in so long. You did a great job!

  2. I think it looks yummy even if you don't like the photo. You have been a busy. L,A-

  3. This is gorgeous! You have created a beauty! Love the closing quip ...

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    PS Pop over for our GIVEAWAY

  4. Your version is so pretty, I just love that cute border fabric. Kitties always make me smile.

  5. I love your quilt. I'm really liking plums and purples lately. I guess that "When I grow old I shall wear purple" is coming to pass - or at least "When I grow old I shall cover myself with purple quilts" *LOL* Have you finished your Catalicious yet? This month was an easy one.

  6. Your Joy Luck looks great! I love when can use a favorite fabric from the older stash :)

  7. Hi I love your blog so interesting and refreshing.

  8. Your quilt came out beautifully. I've seen that cat fabric before and I just LOVE it! How wonderful that it suits this quilt so perfectly!


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