Monday, July 26, 2010


As as a "good" girl would do on a Monday morning--I conminced to do some sewing!!!
I did and have been faithfully hand quilting on Joy Luck and with any "luck" I may just have it finished in time---only time will tell!!!!
I did get the Snowbound block down from my tray as it was next in line--but somehow----my "body" ended up in the actual sewing room and I started on the Jelly roll blocks from last Monday--we only have one more block to go--girls!!!
So here is my blocks--
Mine--(and I think??? I did the color matching right on this one)

this is the "gift" one--

And you know that I am also doing these blocks using the honey bun roll--so these blocks come out only 6 1/2 inches--this one was a little "fuzzy"-
Here is the first "attempt"--it's only 6 inches square--so alittle short--and a little wonky---
So--being the good girl that "I" am!!!  I redid it--and now it is much better!!!
so now these are off the "TO Do" list for this month!!!!!

Look at what came in today's mail----

The book I have been waiting for--and it is a great read--and I am ready to become 
a "Sister on the Fly"---I really think it would be fun to learn to fly fish--as long as--
I can stand in a slow moving creek and fish--I don't do boats and I don't do water that goes over my head (don't know how to swim either!!!!)
These "sisters" sure look like they have alot of fun---now I think we need to do another sister hood--of "sewers"---and travel around--you could do quilting, cross stitch, knit, crochet, needlepoint--whatever--and we will include our doggies (Sisters don't usually take their dogs with them--but I wanna take mine!!!)
He really likes to read---he is not too good with a needle though--guess it's his long nails on his 'paw"--but he could read to us while we sit around the camp fire and stitch!!!

Did have one appointment to go to today---
Yep--and the nurse looks this happy tooooooo!!!!
I get a B-12 injection once a month---don't even feel them anymore--the shot that is--but my back and body knows when the month is up---and they let me know it!!!!!

Well--stitchers we have just 5 more days to finish all those "July" projects and goals--are we going to make it??????

A Just Sentence--
A young woman was brought before a judge to answer for a ticket she recieved for running a red light.   She explained to the  judge that she was a schoolteacher , and she requested that her case be dimissed so she culd get back to her charges at school.
Upon hearing this, a gleam came into the judge's eyes.
"So, you're a school teacher?  I've waited for years to have a schoolteaher in my courtroom, " he said.
"Now, sit down at the table right over there, and write ' I will not run red lights' 500 times."

Have a happy day--
Hugs, Di


  1. Your jelly roll blocks look good, even the little wonky one!

  2. YOur blocks look great! My hubby takes a shot of B-12 weekly...he is like a whole new person since he started them :)

  3. Hee hee! Bad teacher. Pretty blocks. L,A-

  4. Di all your blocks look fantastic...and as always you are keeping very busy....

  5. More projects crossed off the never ending list. It seems like every time I crossed a project off the list 3 more pop up on it. What's up with that?

    Your blocks look great!

  6. What beautiful blocks ... the 'judge' was cute.
    Have a great summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon


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