Sunday, July 25, 2010



Well--did everyone have a great week end????
Did you keep "cool" or "warm"-depending on where you live???
Did you enjoy some kind of "family" time--even if it was only with those "four" legged family members?????

I did go at a slower pace--at least for today--
But did get some finishing done on Friday and Saturday--
First was the First Friday Freebie for July--I did mine in Black work and did it on the osnaburg fabric--  
this is how I finished it---the beige in the osnaburg matches the beige in the fabric and is really pretty---(think maybe I need a new film disk for the camera--it has always taken good color pictures--but lately---does anyone know if they can wear out----I have taken alot and I mean alot of pictures with this disk--and erased them--soooo???)

Here is the challenge from Jenny--
This is what I made--a nice bag--for holding whatever one finds to put into it--it will also be one of my Early Bird challenge gifts!!!

Last year Jenny's bom was called 'Shabby Roses" and I was working right along on them--up through block 6--and some how I fell off the "wagon"--
Now I did get 4 more of the blocks prepped--but then they sat---
So now that the Bouquet bom is done and put together--I am replacing that bom with the Shabby Rose one--so that I will (HOPEFULLY???) finish this one--- I really really like these blocks and the colors--soooo!!!!

I got this package in the mail---
one day this past week----
It is a package of "goodies" from Michelle at the Raspberry Rabbit for me saying "yes" to being a "pattern tester" for some of her new patterns---Nice thank you--hu????
Keep your fingers off that bag of chocolate--I see you Alice, and Joy and Anne-Lise--
Oh and there is Sandy and Kady and Shirley and..........

SO what is everyone's plans for the week????
Have you set any goals for this week????
I have---do not join any more BOM---period---
OH DEAR---I am too late on that goal--
look here---@ --and see the most adorable Christmas 2010 bom--
Called Folk Art Sampler----I just could not resist it--
and I needed a reason -- goal--to get my Christmas (and Fall) fabrics out and ready and handy to use---right????????
And with this "announcement" before someone has me "committed" I will say--

See ya tomorrow!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. That chocolate looks really tasty!
    The black work is lovely, Di.
    Goal for this week: finish my scrappy quilt, make more hexies (to sew) and finish one more bom for the mystery quilt I'm supposed to be doing. Will you come and keep my nose to the grind? Please?

  2. Oh Di, how pretty you made my designs!! Thank you!! You always make the sweetest things. :-)

  3. Beautiful girlfriend! Just beautiful! You always get so much done. I'm really happy you agreed to test patterns for me. And no, the chocolate was not a bribe, wink, wink, wink. hee,hee,hee.

  4. Everything looks great as usual :)

    I've decided to try very hard not to join in anything new for the rest of the year. We'll see how well that goes lol.

    The chocolate looks yummy! At least you won't have to worry about me sneaking a piece ;)

  5. I like what you have dome with the Bee Humble stitchery - oh and the Shabby Roses..!! I am trying so hard not to start any more projects but there are so many tempting beautiful things out there!


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