Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Look what I found today as Anne and I were getting in her car to go to Wal mart!!!!
OH look Anne---OHHHHHHHH----is it what I think that is????????
Oh My--and there is some of them going in and out---
It is a BEE HIVE----and those are not this kind of bees that I am very fond of--either!!!!
But I must say---this hive is very interesting to look at--
Wonder how they make it come out like this---really--take a good look at all the hard work those "bees" must have to do to make this their home!!!!!
This was not that far up the tree either--It is built in our dogwood tree across the street and I stood in the street to take these pictures---like I said "Interesting"!!!

BUT---I really like this picture ---
Much better--
This is the kind of "sweetness" I like!!!!!
( In case you are wondering--this is for the rest of the month or so---and please remember that other than an occasional dish of ice cream--this is my only "sweets"!!!
and I did come home with a couple "other" grocery things--like a box of cereal!!!

As for "quilting" today--
I did do some---
I did get one bom done--but it is one that is finished off each month--and that part did not get done--maybe tomorrow????

And I did figure out "how" I wanted to hand quilt the "Joy Luck" quilt and did start it and do like the design--so worked on it awhile----

And I did work on the Early Bird Christmas wall hangings---

But there is just not anything to take pictures of yet---
I went outside and brought some sunshine in with some of these pictures!!!
First I took this photo on May 5th in one of the gardens--
Here is the same bush today--
Just a tad bit bigger!!!!

Remember this photo???
John's clematis---
and that the very next day I told you the lawn guys cut it off at the base with the weed cutter machine????
Here it is today---it is gonna make it--and dare say that it is coming on even better than the first time?????  will have to watch this and see if we get some flowers yet this year on it again??????

And here is a few pictures of some of the flowers around in some of the gardens out back today---
I just love flowers----and I really love taking photo's of them!!!
Well--guess I best get back to my sewing chair and get some more work done--so that maybe I will have some 'photos' for tomorrow!!!!
are you all being good out there??????
Hugs, Di


  1. That bee hive is incredible. It's a work of art really. So intricate.
    Love that chocolate by the way. Gal after my own heart!

  2. Great photos, Di, and what a buzz to see that hive up so close!!

  3. Pretty pictures. And the chocolate looks pretty yummy too. L,A-

  4. That hive is incredible. I can't believe how many projects you're working on! You're a busy bee yourself!

  5. Glad you are getting sunshine! That beehive is amazing - hope it's not too close to your flat. Better hide the chocolate :)

  6. I would have guessed "Paper wasp" instead of bees.

  7. Great photos and beautiful flowers! So you like chocolate--- who doesn't???? Thanks for sharing your pictures, Carolyn


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