Friday, July 2, 2010


Have you noticed that "Fridays" seem to come around every so many "days" each week????
Now here is some kind of "wheels"--must be an electric car--it was parked outside when I got up today!!!

After breakfast--Little sister and I went to "a" rummage sale--on the way I found these neat flowers--
they really did not have much at the sale--but little sister got like a brand new pair of shoes for 50 cents--and I got these two things--
Yep-- a cat 'hidey' cube and the red thing is a 'cat tunnel'--it's long---paid one dollar for each---soooo---maybe some day!!!!!!
then on the way home I was taking pictures of these flowers--
When we noticed a bird -- Mrs. Robin --on the lady's sidewalk by her front door--
Was able to get a couple nice photo's of her--the lady came to the door and said the Robin was fine--she has some babies in the tree over the flowers I was taking pictures of!!!!
these flowers were also at her house!!!
This morning dove was walking down the side walk in front of us at one point on the way home too!!!

Now I did get some stitching done today--
I am "goofy" at times here---I traced out 4 sets of the flowers and the words--then later I thought Jenny said we would only need 3 sets--I did stitch all 4 of the rose sets--but only did 3 of the words---then I went to actually--yep--I said to actually put the top all together to only discover I did need all 4 words done--so back out I came and did the 4th one--then back to the sewing room---I did get some done--but---time ran out and it is not all together yet---there is always tomorrow -- right?????

After I ate supper --- and don't faint on me blog friends--but I actually put food in the oven and baked me some supper--from scratch--I do not do frozen dinners or preboxed foods!!!!  So after I ate and cleaned up the kitchen I did go outside again for alittle while and I am sooo excited cause I got this picture--
Now here is a red cardinal--and and look at that blue sky---WOW!!!!

OK "Di" who won the "underwear" folding contest---
My way is #2----I have no idea when I started doing them this way--years ago--
Now little sister tells me there is two different ways to fold them using the #2 method--( who knew)--one is you fold them to the front in thirds--then in half---
Well--that is not how I do mine---I fold mine in thirds to the back--then in half!!!!

Ok--all the ones who answered #2 are in the basket--so here goes---
Drum roll==please---

The winner is---- Raewyn of "lovetostitch" and she lives in New Zealand!!!!
Way to go--Raewyn---You know what I will need now so I can get your winnings off to you!!!
to all of you for "playing" around with me---I know I had fun!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. congrats to the winners and I love your little stitchery of flowers :)

  2. Is there a kitty round the corner?
    That red cardinal is pretty! And so is your embroidery. Have fun today, Di.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Your little stitchery is beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you'll be doing with it next.

  4. I see a kitty in Di's future very soon. And what good deals you got. Love the flowers. L,A-

  5. *LOL* Guess I missed the underwear folding contest. What a riot. I don't fold mine either way so I would have lost. Congrats to Raewyn - what a lovely name too. Love the electric car. I think every family should own at least one. They may not be safe for highway travel but would be great for around town shopping. Now if they'd just come down in price!

  6. More fun pictures today :)I see you got another picture of flowers poking through a fence. White picket fences are sweet.

  7. I know there will be a sweet kitty using those!!!
    The cardinal against the blue sky is just gorgeous!
    Still cracking up over the underwear folding. That is just too funny!


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