Wednesday, July 14, 2010


That was today's story---

decided to "catch up" on the jelly roll blocks---
and it is a good thing that I have learned how to "laugh" at myself--
and that I have a handy dandy seam ripper---cause I needed to "use" both of them today--ALOT---
This block and 'I' did not see "eye to eye" today---course IF "Di" had taken the time to really read the instructions--she would not have had as "big" as problem--you really would of loved to have been a "fly" on the wall and watched me put this block together--in fact now that I think about it--It might have made a good show for "I love Lucy"!!!!   I will not go into detail and bore you all--but I know that for every seam I sewed on this block--I "ripped" it out 3 times----I finally did have to recut 2 of the strips cause the points I had done in the wrong direction and had cut them--BUT--look I did get it done and it looks "fair"!!!!
This one went together in the 1/4 of the time ---
and this one--
This block was almost toooo easy!!!!

And here is the two blocks in the smaller size--
So now I am up do date with these---I think we just have two more blocks to go too!!!
This was to be a half day job---welllllllll????????

It was alittle stormy here--or should I say it "threaten" to storm all evening--but we got nothing!!!

Went with a girl friend to her Church yesterday to help set up for their Vacation Bible school for next week--unfortunately--Little sister and I could not stay inside the little add on building--and every job they had had to do was with painting --and that is too "smelly chemicals" for us--so we had to go outside --- I was sitting on the steps--crying and embarrassed--when Little sister said --we could pull weeds--we looked around and there was lots of weeds in a built in flower box right beside me and in the cement walk way--so we did---and then we asked for a broom and we swept the long walk ways --it looked soooo different and we felt better--even if we where not able to help where the help was needed--we did help!!!
Then my girl friend took us to the Library--here is my stack---
Actually it is a small one compared to what I used to get--Little sister got twice as many as me!!!

OK--more of the packages--for Monday--

got this order from "equilter" on there 50% off holiday prints---These two bird/church panels are like the blue ones I got last year--and I found a fall/halloween one I had been looking for --even last year and couldn't find!!!

And from Joann's I got this doll miniature book on sale and some thread for the machine and all was on sale and I got another 10% off total--was a really good savings on things I needed!!!!!

Now here is a surprise for you all today---
I found this picture and decided to download it for you--
Unfortunately cause I have it out--it is fading some--but I thought it was time you met all three of us girls---you know that is Little sister in the middle and on the right is Middle sister and her baby--Miss Teddy--so that leaves---the --lady girl on the left as---
Now what is her name---you know the "silly girl" who can't take the time to read directions????????    ( this is a few years old--but other than  all of us being alittle "grayer-haired--we still look like this pretty much!!!!!)
Hope you enjoyed the Surprise!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Your blocks turned out nice--even if you did have to unpick. Nice surprise. L,A-

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous and you forgot to tell Alice and I about the 50% off!!! Good thing probably since we have bought half of Cotton Charm's stock I think...
    Love the photo of you three :)

  3. Pretty blocks. The holiday fabrics are cute. So is the photo - no, not the bunny, you girls!

  4. Aha, now I have a picture in my mind of what you look like... it doesn't matter if its a little out of date!! I hate to say it, but sometimes a seam ripper is a sewer's best friend!!

  5. YOur blocks look fabulous Di and I enjoyed looking at your surprise photo :) you all look lovely :) hugs Vicki

  6. Well all you gals are just as cute as can be! So nice to see your sweet smile my friend!
    Your blocks are beautiful, reverse sewing and all! ;)

  7. Well the blocks came out super fine in the end! I have seam rippers all over! They are a sewing gal's best friend or nemesis depends on how you look at it I reckon!;-)
    Look at you all! Cuties all 3! Loved the surprise!!

  8. It seems once you unpick something you spend the rest of your sewing time unpicking :( Sometimes I just get up and do something else so I can clear my head. I'm horrible about reading directions too lol.

    I understand how you felt when you weren't able to help at the church. It's hard when you can't be around "smelly" things. It's great that you and lil sister found a way to help though. Weeding and sweeping actually make a big difference to the appearance of a house/church. Great job!!

    Love all the new goodies :)

  9. Oh....I too need to get caught up.....thanks for the reminder. Your blocks have turned out so nice.

  10. Read The Aloha Quilt last week -- I enjoyed it!


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