Sunday, July 11, 2010


I had a nice list of "to do's" for today---
But "Life" happened---
actually--it was really Little sisters fault---
she wanted to go over town ----again--
and as it was a "beautiful day out"--why not????

I had decided in "puttsin" around yesterday that I needed something more for behind the teapot tray here---

and after looking around in the Country shop for awhile and thinking about this or that one--I found this one and it was right--at least the price was--it was on sale for $5.00!!
and it does look good here---
So here is that same corner now---all cute and country!!!!

The new oval framed saying I had gotten yesterday--seemed to have a problem---
It did not like where I put it--it moved -- still was not happy--so it moved again--
And now I do believe "it" is happy---it even got me to iron the table cloth and put it back on the table--this is the table right beside my work chair--but then my "birds" where not happy--so they did a little flying around--finally I think they are happy--for tonight anyways as there "legs" is very tired for tonight!!!!

" I will always want to be a child in my heart,
      an adult in my mind and 
        a grownup in my wisdom."
                            J. Kelly of Fl)

Have a Happy day and gets lots of stitching done!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. It is the weekend--you are supposed to play right?? You always find the cutest goodies. L,A-

  2. Hi Di, You have great places to shop it seemsand fantastic bargains, Do you haggle the prices or pay what is asked?
    Wish my things would wander around like yours do then they wouldn't have to be dusted! I HATE dusting,don't mind vacuuming.
    Hugs Faye

  3. So, who is the enabler? You or lil Sis? You both seem to love to shop. The weather is so nice you just have to go out and walk the shops. I actually enjoy window shopping and wandering around thrift stores.

  4. I think your home looks like a cozy country store! Everything is so charming girlfriend.


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