Thursday, July 15, 2010


AHHHH-----wrong kind of Wheel--Di????

Now we are talking---remember you don't drive "cars" anymore---just sewing machines!!!!
And I have to say--that today's sewing project was one that "one" could very easily "fall asleep" while doing!!!!
Here's a hint----
Look at all these "terrific" scraps for my next "kitty pillow"--there is 480 pieces--corner pieces here---( yep--I counted every one of them!!!!!)

Have you guessed "yet" what project I was working on????
Does this help?????
Yep--this month's Schnibbles---Joy club---and I got all 60 coins done---now to finish the top--can't wait---cause you know me--it will be a tiny bit different!!!!

CAN anyone tell me what fabric line I am using---??????
They did come in a charm pack and it is an older line!!!!!
There may be a "surprise" involved with the right guess---and No it's not a picture of me---you got that for now---OH  Little sister said I forgot to mention that not only are we a little grayer--we are a little "thinner" on the top too--but whose looking!!!!!

And talking about the cat pillows---I realized that I typed a wrong word in the post before last---I said the word "Not" and meant "now"--(Now that I am doing the cat beds--)

Little sister and I did our overtown trip today---
First we actually went to the SPCA thrift store and took our new beds over--(little sister had to make one too!!!)  and guess what happened before I got back out of the store--
Two "cat" books called my name and this--
Isn't this little plate just the "bees knees" ?????  I just love it--they had one alittle larger--but it was $7.50--this one was $5.00 and the books where $6.00--soooo!!!!

then we stopped at the Happy Days Cafe and shared a sandwich and went on the Quilt shop--and yes "me" did buy something--
the brown one is for a binding on the "Kelly's quilt in"--I just have 3 more borders to hand quilt and I will be ready for the binding!!   and the white one has tiny pink dots on it and was in the sale room --buy one get one--so got 2 yards--will be great for background on a quilt--it is also nice for doing embroidery blocks for a quilt!!!!

So this is my Story for today--what's yours!!!!!!????????
Happy stitching--and remember don't fall 
fall asleep at the "wheel"------
Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di! That kitty plate is SO cute! Sounds like you had a great day! I don't know what fabric line that is but I can't wait to see this Schnibbles!

  2. Wow--you have been very busy. And it is purple. Cool. L,A-

  3. That plate is adorable! I'm still wondering when the real kitty will turn up ? :)

  4. Is that kitty plate to feed the new kitty on?? hmmmmm? :)

  5. I LOVE the kitty plate!!!

  6. I WANT that kitty plate! If you see the bigger one again, buy it for me and I'll send $$$$.


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