Tuesday, July 27, 2010


WHY--can I not remember to take my "sunglasses" with me when I go for my evening walk?????
I always go down by our lake in the evening looking for some interesting "pictures" for my Blog Friends---and I get around behind the building and head that way and the Sun is right there--It is low in the sky in the West and so bright that you can not see anything--now this has been the "problem" all summer---I just can't remember those glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep--me is berry happy---
Was Anne day this morning--we both quilted for a couple hours--
then she went down the hall and got her 95 yr old mother and I called Little sister and we went to Mr. Chickens and had a sandwich for lunch--that was nice!!!
Anne left me these two Quilt magazines to read---did that right after lunch!!!
Then  I worked hard on this block to get it done--
And look--it is done---(except the buttons are not sewed on--after it is quilted we will do that--but they are picked out and pinned to the block for now!!)
Oh look he's got a leaf on his head--way to go Mr. Snowbound!!!!

Last night I actually got off the computer early and then I finished reading this book--
I really enjoyed this one---good read!!!!
OK on my walk tonight I took these pictures for you---
Rocks---you took pictures of rocks and moss to show us????
Yep---the first 3 pictures are at the end of the pier down there--I love the moss and how is "waves" in the water----This last picture shows you the size of the rocks they used to make a walk way at the edge of the boat docks--

After I took the rock pictures I turned alittle and took this picture of the boats from that angle---I have to say I have never walked on this rock wall--but alot of people have---I do remember the rocks going in---I lived over town then and boy you heard them set every rock in --and felt it!!!!!
Discovered these pretty flowers are the arbor tonight too---
I took  lots of pictures of the flowers---just love this color!!!!

Well just "4" more days to work on July's goals---how is everyone doing?????
NOW this is for all you "sun" worshipers out there----


  1. I like your rock pictures. I have taken lots of rock pictures. Your snowman is a cutie. L,A-

  2. Really love that block you are working on. That is just so sweet.

    I haven't read that new book by Jennifer yet, but need to get it. Glad to hear it was good as are all of her books.

    Loved the photos from your walk!

  3. I have 4 days to go?! Sigh...

    Love the rocks and the moss is pretty...



  4. Please Miss, can I have a few more July days???
    Love that pink flower!

  5. Love your blocks, rock and the pretty pink flower pictures! Looks so nice and refreshing with the pictures you took on your walk. It is hot here in Des Moines, Iowa but maybe it will cool down in a few weeks.

    I am making Mock Apple Rings today using cucumbers. It is a lot of work but worth it! After I am done maybe I can get some sewing done. Thanks for sharing all your pictures with your blogging friends! Carolyn

  6. What beautiful pictures!! I love the bacon/piggie picture, what a hoot!

  7. Great pictures! I love the rocks but not a big fan of the slimy moss that grows on it. It's OK to look at but if you go wading in water that has slimy rocks....ewwwww!

  8. Wish I had a lake to walk by. Love the rocks and flowers. And I love snowmen. Remember those sunglasses!

  9. *LOL* Sunscreen definately would have been a good idea. I hate sunbathing. It's too hot for me plus it's boring. So I just live with my fair British skin. Your walk sounds lovely. I need to start doing that again now that it's started to cool down at night. Thanks for the photos. I never forget my sunglasses cause I have lenses that turn into sunglasses when it's bright.

  10. Oh man, I can't handle the bright sunlight without sunglasses. I think they are almost an accessory for me like my earrings!
    Love the rock and moss pictures girlfriend. Your walk was simply beautiful.
    Hugs to you!

  11. Love your walk pics!! Looks like such a splendid place to be able to stroll around. Your snow fella is cute. Doing mine in red work so have to finish one then start this one.
    I have a Fall finish!! Will be my blog post tomorrow! Have my Thimbleberries Sew Day finish posted today.
    Feels good to have some finishes!!



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