Saturday, July 3, 2010


First off--I am doing this as I listen to a concert in the park two blocks away!!!
It is a beautiful choir--Christian music--
On our trip overtown--
Of course Little sister's and mine's first stop was for lunch at the Happy Days Cafe---

See--I was not joking---we get a huge sandwich here and we share it!!!  we also play a game of gin Rummy while waiting--today we each won a game!!!
Then we went to Pig Tail Alley Antiques and this came home with me--
An "old"--I mean older than Dirt milking stool---once I clean this up it will be perfect for milking my "goat"----
Just joking---it will make a great plant stand--course == everyone is working at me getting a "kitty" so there will go the house plants!!!!!

Then we stopped at the Quilt shop--I needed--( did you get that--I needed!!!!)
some fabric and we discovered this new pattern--Sue had the pumpkin pattern done up and it goes in a low glass dish and it is adorable-- so we got this one to do for summer---little sister knew where there was a glass dish for this one--but I am not sure it will work--but we will see!!!
Course the next stop was the Country Shop -- I decided I needed a wood tray to keep my quilting things in on the new glass top table by my rocker---as the thread and pencils kept rolling off onto the floor---finally found this one and I think it will work perfectly!!!!  And it only cost me $2.00 as I had $11.00 in credit---at the Country shop she keeps track of your sales for 6 visits--then she gives you 10% of that total in free merchandise!!!!
Then we slowly walked home--tried little old ladies--by this time!!!!
after a rest--some ice tea and some Chocolate I did finish putting this top together--
this is this years "Bouquet" bom that Jenny has--(see side bar)
I believe mine is a "tiny" bit different than how Jenny put her's together--but--what can I say?????  I still need to add outside borders--then do the batting and backing--basting and hand quilting--so I am far from done---but I am soooo happy with "meself" for actually getting the top all done in the same month as the last block!!!!!!

Well-I am off to spend some money on line for some large spools of my machine thread--
I hope you are all having a great holiday week end--

Hugs, Di


  1. Love your new pencil holder. It looks perfect for what you need.

    Did you notice that you won something over at . It's for the year of Schnibbles :) Congratulations!!

  2. You can see your quilt here:

  3. My grammy always liked to play Gin Rummy. Made me smile thinking about it.
    Love the milking stool. A good place for the kitty to sit and watch you stitch. hint, hint, hint.
    That quilt top is gorgeous Di. Great work!
    Have a wonderful 4th my friend.
    Hugs to you and little sister!

  4. congrats on finishing Bouquet!!You are going to be so ahead of yourself this month. You will have plenty of time for a kitty. Love the notion tray! L,A-


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