Friday, July 23, 2010


We had alittle bit of it all today---this morning was sooo cold that I had to wear a sweater!!!  this afternoon had to have the AC on full steam ahead!!!

Here is the first one--
This one is here at the end of the lake--
And is now a local diner

And the second one is in the next town down from here--
And I went there today--
It houses two doctors offices--
It was pretty much just a "shell" when they redid it into the offices!!
I had to see a surgeon there today--as my "brains" are growing so big --
that I have a bump growing at the top of my head!!!
Here is the card for the removing of that "bump"--
Is this not the neatest appointment card you ever seen????
(yes--the date is wrong--we have it set for Aug 11th--I have had one once before--so it will be ok--but if anyone wants to come and hold my hand while the doc does his thing --come on!!!!)

I have learned that the "bee" nest is really a wasp nest--and I did know they were a wasp===but did not know that they are called "paper wasp" because of the type of nest they make!!!  Thank you Anita --a blog friend for the education!!!

Our maintenance guy--Al (John's on vacation) got rid of them one evening after dark--

Here is what is left of the nest--layer and layers of that thin paper--
and i guess these nests where up inside of it--Al did get stung once in the process!!!

Another correction--
Some nights--days--hours-- I have NO idea where this Brain of my is??????
I know these "guys" are sea gulls--we sure have 100's of them around here---why I referred to them as pigeons--god only knows--sorry!!!
Here is the their home---this house lots and lots and lots of them and they are right out behind us on the lake---noisy!!!!

Work--did I get any work done the last two days????
Actually I did get alittle done--
I do have the stitching done on this months First Friday Freebie--
and today I got the "cat" block finished--
Ain't he cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little sister and I did go over town today---but we mainly ended up at the quilt shop--
I needed a piece of special fabric for the FFF --stitchery and she a piece for binding on a project---
But it was so HUMID--we got to feeling "ill" so we came home---I think we could of cut the air with a knife--as the saying goes!!!
We did a thunder storm shortly after we got back--so was glad we came home!!!

A lot of us are getting temps between 95 and 105 these days--and this is how it feels--
like we are in a hot dry sandy area--day and night--
I have some up with some "pictures" to cool you all down---
Feel better???????
Enjoy that heat and the sweat that goes with it--cause this is on it's way once again--
It is nearly the end of July -- already!!!!!!!



  1. The kitty block is sooo cute and thank you for the "cool" pictures. They came in handy. L,A-

  2. Hi Di,
    Pigeons and seagulls are about the limit of my bird knowledge :).... and yes we have gulls nesting about 100m from our house. What a racket every summer!!!

  3. Your brains are so big that they are busting out? Maybe it's from too many BOMs LOL.

    Our previous doctor used those appointment reminder cards too. I thought they were fun. Now the doctors I go to just use the plain boring ones with their names on them. I usually lose them anyways. That's why I keep a small pocket calendar in my purse. Hubby and I have too many appointments to keep track of.

  4. You got your block done! Great job. Now we are at the same spot in the BOM. I love the train stations. Around here they try to preserve the old houses/buildings by turning them into something else too. Mind you the area is only 140 years old but I still love it.

    We have a lot of wasps here. We had one in the front that DH blasted and the nest still looked okay so we left it hanging there. Doesn't look great but it keeps other wasps from building if they think there's already a next here.

  5. Good luck with the removal of the bump! love what they have done with the old train station! and that appointment card is fabulous! Winter here and hard to believe we will be sweltering in 40+ heat in a few months.....sun is shining today but it is only going to be 15C....I am enjoying it - not a huge fan of the heat!


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