Thursday, July 8, 2010


It really beats me---and I am the "one" doing it---crazy--it's got to be the weather--Yep--that is the correct answer--it's all the weather's fault!!!!

I even took a "mini" vacation---did you miss me????
I was able to get off the computer early---
when I got to the rocking chair -- I was trying to decide what project to work on--
when in my hands flew this--
BOOK--so I opened it up --and started reading and was still reading it at 1:30 am this morning!!!!
When I got up--after breakfast--instead of a sewing project--once again this book flew into my hands--so I did the only thing one could do at this point---
I FINISHED READING IT!!!!!!   I really enjoyed this one!!!

After this "mini" vacation was over -- I became a "good" girl and went to the sewing room and got to work---
First I got the rest of this project ready--
All the parts are now ready to be cut out and sewed unto the flannel fabric!!!

for some reason---I kept on going -- in the sewing room--
And I got all--yep--ALL -- the bom prepped for July (except the two that are not in yet)
See----I even got the little birdy one from Jenny traced off--that is just a challenge one--but I like anything with birds and I think I will make it into something for the Early Bird challenge!!!!
I have a tray I keep all the "prepped" blocks in--
See--it's full now and so it is happy--it loves to hold "work" projects for me to do!!!
OKay--now which one of these projects do I want to start on--
there is--
1. Flirting with Flowers block by Tozz
2. Snowbound block by Bunny Hill
3. Sentimental Journey block by Raspberry Rabbit
4. Cat bom by B. Hayes
5.Frist Friday Freebie by Kaaren Johnson
6. the little birdy challenge by Jenny
7. Shabby rose block by Jenny
8. Fall Candle ring
OHHHHHH---which one---
and then there is the quilt for Kelly's quilt along needed more hand quilting????????????

this reminds me of a growing up memory---
I can remember my Dad when he had started up his own business---
he would get up --- dress--eat the good breakfast my Mom made him--
he would pace the kitchen floor and wonder "who" to go see "first"???
Should he go see Mr. A first--no maybe he should go see Mr. C first--but then there is Mr. D that he needs to see and oh--he needs to stop and get some parts from Mr.Z
and then he really should go see Mr. B first!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am not kidding you--even as a young preteen---I felt that if he had left an hour or so ago before he started pacing the floor he probably could of seen at least two on his list by this time!!!!!

So which project to start or continue on first???
this one---OH--it is not listed above--that figures---
But this is the one I worked on this afternoon while Little sister "played" on the computer reading blog sites!!!!!
this is a top and bottom row to the round robin--I am doing these two rows on my own!!!  Now all the applique pieces are done--now I need to do some embroidery on the rows.

Well--looks like there is alot of reading to be done on blog site tonight--so best get to that!!!!  I never know where to read first or post first---????
and I need to make another decision--where to have some black cherry ice cream or some mint chocolate chip ice cream?????
It sure has been a day full of decision making?????

Keep the AC's on or the logs on the fire---

Hugs, Di
PS  I know--by the looks of this "cat" I probably really shouldn't have some ice cream--but somebunny has to eat it up!!!!


  1. I vote for Chocolate Mint. Yummy!! YOu do have quite a big pile there--makes me feel better. L,A-

  2. After doing all that you deserve some icecream!

  3. I feel so indecisive now too. It must be in the air. Since I don't have any projects screaming at me I can't seem to settle on one to work on.

  4. You have to know I am in love with that orange cat. Your graphics are always so cute. It's good to take little mini vacations. I need to do that too. Let's see...what shall I do next? It's always hard for me to decide too.

  5. I just had some cookies and cream myself. We just need ice cream in this heat. Although I eat it in the winter too...

    Anyhoo, thanks for reminding me about the First Friday freebie...gotta go check that out! Good for you for getting all that done, plus finishing a book!


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