Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well we only have a couple hours left here in the states for August of 2010!!!
Then--it is September--
and then the action really starts!!!!
It is time for the sunflowers---or at least that is what I think of for fall!!!
What makes you think of Fall?????
Another item that always get me thinking it's fall is grapes!!!

I was not able to do Plan A again today--or only half of Plan A--
it being Tuesday, my Anne came--
Oh by the way--the picture of Anne's mom--
Marge is 95 years young!!!!
Anne put a binding on a baby quilt--
and I worked on this and then finished it later--
I have to go shopping tomorrow to find a purple pom-pom for the top of the hat--
and then of course it need the backing and some hand quilting and the binding--so I am somewhat behind--but?????
AND the biggest thing about Fall is --
we can finally snuggle under all the quilts we made this summer!!!!

What you said it is still "hot" out--
yep--was in the 90's here today--and they say it will be for the next couple days--
but--Fall is on it's way--I promise!!!!
So don't be a lazy cat---
it is now time to put the petal to the metal---
Cause I think in the far background I can even hear sleigh bells!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di

Monday, August 30, 2010


And where are you in your "to-do" list---
Have you given it a hug today????
because you have all of your projects done!!!!

I am soooo happy--
Me is doing the happy dance--
and it is not because I have "won" anything--
nor is it because I have gotten a package in the mail!!!!

It is because I have August Schnibbles all done---
Yep--done!!!! And hand quilted--again!!
We had a choice this month and I chose "Short Story"--

So I thought I would have a "parade" of the past year for you!!!!
and--State Fair--( went to My Mary's--then to her GD Val)
and--Sunday Best--
and--Cindy Lou Who--
and--Picnic--(went to My Mary's GD- Taylor)
and--Winter White--
and--- Joy Luck ( went to My Mary's GD-- Amy Cameo's mom)

even these are Schnibbles--last December's project--Tuffets--
some even got finished and sent as gifts!!!!!!

My goal this year had been to not only make each month's quilt -- but to actually hand quilt each quilt within the month's time---only one month did I not make that goal--but it did get quilted the next month--and I did miss the month of 'May'--but we know "why" that was!!!!

Some even got pillows from the same fabrics!!!
Here is Tagalong's pillow--

Roundabout got a pillow--
And Sunday's Best got one!!!
For all of them--scraps where used from the Charm packs!!!!

This goes out to:
Sinta and Sherri-- 

For Hosting this year's Schnibbles Club--
we really all had a great time--
made some awesome quilts
made new friends
and even won some great gifts--

Hugs, Di

Sunday, August 29, 2010


OK Folks--this is "over" and we are beginning on the next 500 posts as of today----

I helped this time---
Di & I took this empty basket--
and filled it with 17 slips of paper--
and "Yes" there was a name written on each slip!!!!
then she took the basket and went down stairs and 
out front and had Her Anne's mom pull a name--
OH---OH--she has pulled out a slip of paper---
even Di is "tap dancing" wondering--
"who" is the winner---
OH--it's a newer friend this time---
Carolyn of leeprairiedesigns.blogspot.com
and here is a little "sneek" peak of your prizes---
And seeing there was over 10 comments---
Di & I did a second drawing--

Luv2Quilt2--yep that's you at myquiltingroom.blogspot.com
and her blog title is Sew Quilty!!!
and here is your sneak peek!!!!

Now I also had "3" gals who guessed it was my "500th" post two days before I did the 500th one and they are:
1. Alice
2. Anne-Lise
3. Raewyn
and this is a peek of your gifts--
and so CONGRATULATIONS TO THE three of you!!!
Oh me oh my--I did not win again---
But I am not giving up--
Di will have another "contest" of some kind soon--
So I will just keep watching this "station" for more updates and posts and maybe---just maybe next time my name will be drawn!!!!!!

OK--now on to some quilt work updates and doings!!!
I made a String craft from selvages I have been collecting--
No "sillies" it is not a fishing pole---
it is a cat toy for the feral kittens--
Here is a picture of the yellow tiger--his name is Morris and he does know his name--and by evening yesterday he finally came out of hiding (before this was as far as he would come out!!) and he purrs sooo pretty and he let us pet him and even scratch his ears---Little sister is thinking of adopting him--he will be one beautiful cat as he grows!!!!
the other 4 are still "wild" but are coming out some and the main thing is they no longer run and "hide" when they hear us--they will watch us and they will come down to eat with us there in the garage now--but not real close yet---but it's better!!!1

As for other sewing---
Am just working on the model for the pattern I am testing for the Raspberry Rabbit--but I hope to get that done today--tomorrow latest and then back to regular work!!!
Happy day to all--

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey---listen to this---
It says here that this is "Di's" --
No not a race--though sometimes she thinks she's been doing some "racing" to get each one done--
No not a poker chip--though sometimes she feels like there's been days of "gambling" going on --
Ha---now we are talking---
This is "Di's" 500 post for this blog site!!!!
WOW---is what "Di" is saying---
she has tried "500" times to entertain and amuse--or amaze--or both--her blogging friends----
The big question now is---
Can she continue to keep it up?????????

so you can help her celebrate in two ways---
over the week end take the family out and enjoy this--
Plus it will be celebrating a good summer we all had---
(or good bye winter to some parts of the world!!)

And leave a comment--for some prizes---
that's all you have to do!!!!

And to all my faithful blog readers I would like to say----

Thanks and Hugs to all of you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IRISH ----ANYONE??????

Today's was my Anne's day---
We always share our quilt magazines--
so today she brought me "3" new ones she'd picked up--
one she got a Barnes and Nobles over the week end--
and it is an Irish one!!!!!!
Have any of you seen one before?????
We both liked it---the directions for sewing the quilts are nice and large pictures and they are  in color!!
she also brought me these two to drool--I mean to read!!!
both had a couple ideas in them!!!!
Just what I need ---more ideas!!!!!

NOW--I need a little help from my friends---
See this shirt--
It was one of My Mary's shirts and she wore it alot--
but it is alittle too tight for me--so it will just hang in my closet--
But Jenny has a challenge this month to "refurbish" something--
and so I would like to do something with it--
And the butterflies are soooo pretty---
 I do not like "orange" and there is no getting out of it--
this shirt is ORANGE----so what do I make from it????????????

Well--three of you are right--
so you will each get a gift--
Tomorrow's ( or the next post) will be number
I can't believe it myself---but--
what is --is!!!!!
so keep watch for the next post---
definitely something coming your way!!!!

Anne and I did stitch for awhile today---
my block count is down to 22 on the Short Story!!!!
Then we went out to lunch--was nice we walked up town and has "mean" grilled cheese sandwiches at one of the shops!!!!

This afternoon I worked on the "spooky's" wall hanging--
most of the letters are appliqued in ---so we are moving right along!!!!

And tonight I had a nice "surprise"--
every Tuesday evening in the summer we have a concert in the park--
just 2 blocks from here--so if my windows are open--
I get to hear it most of the time--and tonight the sound was good--
and it was 50"s music---and the band knew there music--and it was really entertaining!!!
so I am here just 'beep-booping" along!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it is getting late--so I need to get on with getting on!!!!!
Hugs, Di

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