Sunday, August 29, 2010


OK Folks--this is "over" and we are beginning on the next 500 posts as of today----

I helped this time---
Di & I took this empty basket--
and filled it with 17 slips of paper--
and "Yes" there was a name written on each slip!!!!
then she took the basket and went down stairs and 
out front and had Her Anne's mom pull a name--
OH---OH--she has pulled out a slip of paper---
even Di is "tap dancing" wondering--
"who" is the winner---
OH--it's a newer friend this time---
Carolyn of
and here is a little "sneek" peak of your prizes---
And seeing there was over 10 comments---
Di & I did a second drawing--

Luv2Quilt2--yep that's you at
and her blog title is Sew Quilty!!!
and here is your sneak peek!!!!

Now I also had "3" gals who guessed it was my "500th" post two days before I did the 500th one and they are:
1. Alice
2. Anne-Lise
3. Raewyn
and this is a peek of your gifts--
and so CONGRATULATIONS TO THE three of you!!!
Oh me oh my--I did not win again---
But I am not giving up--
Di will have another "contest" of some kind soon--
So I will just keep watching this "station" for more updates and posts and maybe---just maybe next time my name will be drawn!!!!!!

OK--now on to some quilt work updates and doings!!!
I made a String craft from selvages I have been collecting--
No "sillies" it is not a fishing pole---
it is a cat toy for the feral kittens--
Here is a picture of the yellow tiger--his name is Morris and he does know his name--and by evening yesterday he finally came out of hiding (before this was as far as he would come out!!) and he purrs sooo pretty and he let us pet him and even scratch his ears---Little sister is thinking of adopting him--he will be one beautiful cat as he grows!!!!
the other 4 are still "wild" but are coming out some and the main thing is they no longer run and "hide" when they hear us--they will watch us and they will come down to eat with us there in the garage now--but not real close yet---but it's better!!!1

As for other sewing---
Am just working on the model for the pattern I am testing for the Raspberry Rabbit--but I hope to get that done today--tomorrow latest and then back to regular work!!!
Happy day to all--


  1. Congratulations to all the winners,but do you know what??!! We're all winners because we have Diane starting on her next 500 to entertain us and to inform and show us beautiful quilting and pictures of everyday life.

  2. Congrats to the winner

    Your cat pole is just so fun!!

  3. Thank you so mcuh! I'm really looking forward to seeing more than just a peek. Congratulations to all the winners.

  4. Woo hoo! Congratulations to the winners!

    What a sweet toy for the kitties Di. I know they must be so happy to see you and little sister coming for a visit.

    Thanks for working on my newest pattern. I can't wait to show everyone and tell them what a wonderful assistant you are. :)

    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  5. YAY Us!!! Winning is fun. Reading the 500 posts was even more fun. Can't wait for the next 500. Morris looks like a cutie. L,A-

  6. Looking forward to the next 500! Congrats to all the winners (and yes I did a little dance with joy!).
    The kitten is lovely!

  7. Oh wow, what fun and thank you so much, congratulations to you for 500 great posts and to all of the other winners!! We 'had' a wild cat once which the kids named "peak-a-boo". All he would do is peak his head out from under the house... look at us then disappear again.

  8. Oh my, I am a winner! WOW! I looked at the seek-peek and even enlarged the picture and can't wait to see for real! Thanks for the win and congradulations to you on your 500 fun posts and to all the other winners. Quilty hugs, Carolyn


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