Thursday, August 19, 2010


Now today was a "bit" better---
Can see where my time went and
I can see some results---so happy day!!!!

got two more blocks done on the Short Story--
I think that leaves 36 to do!!!
someone asked how long it took to do each block??
the hand quilting takes about 20 minutes for each block--ouch!!!!

Then I was in the sewing room after a short meeting downstairs--
and was sewing on the last two rows of the round robin quilt--
when Little sister came and she "bribed" me to go to Walmart--
by offering to buy my lunch at McDonald's--
so off we went--
I got--
3--new sleeveless t-shirts for $3.00 each and I had picked one up the other day!!!
Am working on next summer's wardrobe at these prices!!!!
We had lunch--chicken nuggets and walked back home--
Then I hand sewed the hem down on the back of the last two rows on the round robin quilt--then went in and made the binding and sewed it on---
Ain't this "cool"--it is all done--can't believe I have another TOTAL finish for this year---
I did "cheat" alittle and sewed the binding on by machine with a decorative stitch instead of the hand hemming stitch---
and here is the back of it---remember I did this as a "quilt as you go" project also!!!
the last two rows top and bottom are of my own design--also!!!

Mail call----
Oh my goodness----looky what I got in the mail today---
a package all the way from Anne-Lise in Norway---
got a pretty card and two pieces of fabric and two knitting counters she said--
the only "sad" part was -- it was meant for me and for Cameo--
This was sent as a random act of kindness---and to me though --
it was a random act of love--Thank you sooooo very much Anne-Lise--
I am sorry that Cameo is not here to enjoy it too!!

Ok I need to get back to doing some sewing---
there is always some project calling my name!!!!

Hugs and best wishes for a great Friday for all of you---
OUCH--did I say "Friday"--is it really Friday again tomorrow????
I do believe we really need to take time each and every single day to say
"I love you" to somebody--and don't forget those hugs and to smile!!!

Ok Di--just say good night and be done with it!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. The round robin quilt is fabulous!!Love the fabrics you've used!!

  2. Congrats on another finish. It looks great! Like the $3 shirts too. L,A-

  3. Pretty quilt. Congratulations on your finish. My favorite part is putting in the last stitch on the binding!

  4. Your quilt is just beautiful, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!


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