Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well we only have a couple hours left here in the states for August of 2010!!!
Then--it is September--
and then the action really starts!!!!
It is time for the sunflowers---or at least that is what I think of for fall!!!
What makes you think of Fall?????
Another item that always get me thinking it's fall is grapes!!!

I was not able to do Plan A again today--or only half of Plan A--
it being Tuesday, my Anne came--
Oh by the way--the picture of Anne's mom--
Marge is 95 years young!!!!
Anne put a binding on a baby quilt--
and I worked on this and then finished it later--
I have to go shopping tomorrow to find a purple pom-pom for the top of the hat--
and then of course it need the backing and some hand quilting and the binding--so I am somewhat behind--but?????
AND the biggest thing about Fall is --
we can finally snuggle under all the quilts we made this summer!!!!

What you said it is still "hot" out--
yep--was in the 90's here today--and they say it will be for the next couple days--
but--Fall is on it's way--I promise!!!!
So don't be a lazy cat---
it is now time to put the petal to the metal---
Cause I think in the far background I can even hear sleigh bells!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

So summer is officially over? Oh well, I like autumn with all the beautiful colours and leaves sailing gaily in the wind.

Joy McD said...

It's been September here now for almost a day.... the first day of spring... and we've had steady rain...How does it go? August flowers bring forth September flowers...?? I wonder... :)



andsewon said...

Yes well we are still warm here an into our busy hurricane season. We have one knocking now...Earl.
Hope he passes by with on a wave...;-)
That is one cute SPOOKY hanging!
Yes need to try to get busy on more gifts! I did post all my Aug Fall finishes.
All those runners DONE!
Have done 4 in all but these 3 were the last ones to complete!!
Staying as busy as I can to help my state of mind...thanks so much for your kind words,

Grethe said...

I love September .. autumn up here on the north of the world!
To me September is:
- Sunflowers,
- Sopp (Mushroom in Norwegian)
- Siri (my daughter born in Sep)
- Super fresh air
- Sewing more than Sun-bathing!!
- etc. Sure of that ....

Love reading your blog :-)

annieb said...

September makes me think of sunflowers as well...and back in the day when the kids were small I dreamt of spare time as they headed back to school. We have already had a light frost here, so fall is in the air. My sunflower wreath went up on the front door today...

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Pumpkins and Scarecrows are Fall for me. I love when the leaves change colors too but haven't seen that in several years. We lived in Carthage, NY for part of 2000 and into 2002 so I was able to see some beautiful Fall foliage then. Can't wait to see some more....

Michelle May said...

Bring on the Fall! I'm ready!

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