Thursday, August 12, 2010


I did not "stitch" all day today==nor yesterday for part of the day!!!!

I had to go get that "bump" off the top of my head---
The surgeon found "3" growths there---ouch!!!
But unlike this picture he did not even wear a 'Mask" nor did the nurse!!!!
In fact they almost had to reschedule me--as they did not have "non" latex gloves---they did finally find a pair at the other Doctors office in the building!!!!
So I came home yesterday with a "boobo"!!!
So yesterday and today I have kinda had one of these---

I did get three small quilts with the batting and backings ready to baste--
But I also did some reading--finished a book in the afternoon---
Then started a new one---

So today--this is what I did---
Finished this--
Good book--but not really my type---to many deaths with "red stuff"??????
but it is one of those that once you start it--you gotta finish it!!!

Did some stitching on this --the FFF for August--
Got all pattern pieces cut from freezer paper and then onto the fabric for this project which is this month's Fall challenge project for me to do!!!
and have half of the Short Story quilt top basted!!!

So I did try between head aches to get something done ( and yes--reading books)

Cameo's report--
Hey blog friends---I like this new Mom--all I have to do it this--
and she puts some soft food in it--ain't that great!!!!
and she is always telling me what a pretty girl I am----I even got on her lap for a few minutes 2x now!!!!

Well--gotta go--headache is here--and now I am getting to "stage" where it is "itchy"--so I will have fun "trying not" to itch it!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey--make some "summer" fun plans for this week end---time is going fast!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow least it's over with! Your blog looks so pretty, and I love that last summertime picture. Can't wait to see your Late Bloomer project, it looks so cute!!

  2. Well poo! So sorry you had to have bumps removed. Are you ok outside of the headaches???? Sending you hugs. Cameo...give mama lots of snuggles!

  3. Sorry to hear about your booboo. I hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

  4. I hope it is nothing serious...I mean the bumps....hope you get over your headache ....

  5. Don't overdo things - (although I'm shocked you haven't finished a pile of quilts while recovering ...)
    Hope the headaches go away soon. You can always knit mittens so you don't scratch in your sleep :)
    Hugs for you and cameo.

  6. Ouch...that can't feel good. Hope it is better soon.

  7. All the best to you,Di; things might be better tomorrow:-)

  8. You did quite a bit even with a headache. Hope today is better. Just curl up with Cameo and the book while you are recovering. L,A-

  9. Hope your head is feeling a bit better today.

    That's great that Cameo decided to lay in your lap for a little bit. She starting to settle in nicely.

    Can't wait to see the Halloween mini finished. I love Halloween decorations :)

  10. Di, I hope everything is okay my goodness you certainly got alot done with all you have been through!! Take it easy now. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  11. Hi Di, hope you are feeling better,headaches are no fun. remember what our mothers always told us. DON'T SCRATCH!!
    Any of that delicious ice cream in your house? It always makes BOOBOO's Feel better!!
    Hugs Faye

  12. Hope you are feeling lots better today!!


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