Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was soooo dark out all day--that---
I wasn't sure if it was daytime or nighttime????
And we are very wet today--it started raining hard in the night--and it just kept raining nearly all day!!!!

I am doing a Happy Dance--
all of my bom blocks for August are done---
this one is the Gifts of Grace block for August---
Last month I never started any of them till a week before the end of the month!!!!
Oh sooooo now you think I have lots of time to do some "extra" things---
Don't I wished---
I do have only--26 more blocks to hand quilt on Short story--
and I did start this project today--
That's a large pumpkin---this is my Fall challenge project--it's started--
and that is all I can say for today---

I did do alittle (only what had to be done!!!) housework today--
and I did go down and visit my Anne's mom for a little while this afternoon!!

And I just sat and read one of the AU quilt magazines late this afternoon--
so that was my day!!!

Well there's only a few days left of August and most of us think that also is the end of our summer once schools start--so--get out there with those kiddy's and have a picnic in the yard or on the porch---take them for a nature walk--and see who can see the signs of Fall coming first--go swimming with them--and just have some fun!!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!
Hugs Di


  1. Congrats on all the BOMs! The pumpkin is looking good too. You will finish. L,A-

  2. Love the way the pumpkin looks so far.

    We have been having lots of wet weather lately too. Several little tropical waves have been blowing through. This week we are supposed to have a tropical storm that might turn into a Category 2 Hurricane. Hopefully it will get turned around and blow back into the ocean.

  3. Well done to be up-to-date with all your BOMs!! I wish I could say the same...!! The beehive is so cute.

  4. We need some rain so please send some our way!


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