Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sometimes little sisters can be a blessing--(actually most of the time--but let's not tell my Little sister that!!!)

Anyways--yesterday as Amy left with Cameo--( oh and Cameo literally flew in to Amy's arms!!) Little sister made me go overtown and do some shopping---yep--she twisted my arm until I bought the following--
got another "bird"--makes 3 now--but all are different colors--I got this one at 1/2 price and then got the berry ring for it to start me thinking about Fall!!!!
And this was new--she had three with different birds and words on them--but I love blue birds and I know I need this "word" in my life right now!!!
Also got "6" gifts for my Fall challenge group--so how is it going gals????

Then we went to an Antique store that we had not been in in awhile--but the prices are just too high there--so we left and decided to go visit our "friends" at the Pig Tail alley antique shop--
look what hitched a ride home on our cart--
Paid $14.00 for it--seat is all brand new--it is short---and I just love it---
and I found this for $5.00--
Love this clear dark blue color and it goes great with this piece--
SOOOOOOOOOO--guess I am now into collecting "blue glass"!!!!!!!!

Mainly rested and quilted rest of the day--and missed Cameo!!!

I quilted some till mid afternoon and then I knew I needed to water my plants--
in that process--I manged to do some "tweaking" as Little sister would say--me--
I just say -- I did some rearranging--
And here is the newest "baby"--
All these pictures are in front of my front windows---
actually I got the chair thinking it would look nice in the bathroom--but I really like it--so kept it out here for now--now tomorrow or next week may be a different story!!!

Thank you all for understanding what my "problem" can cause at times---
I do not even understand it!!!!!  I really do not think that Cameo was happy with me either--she is a loving cat so she did show some affection towards me--but?????????????
Still think I need a small--very small dog!!!!

I am feeling some better tonight--and for that I am grateful!!
Hope everyone had a great week end--but now it is time to get back in the"saddle" and back to quilting!!!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better Di!I know it must have been difficult to realize the kitty litter was harming your health,especially when your bond was beginning to develop with Cameo.
    Little sister had the right idea to get you out of the apartment and enjoy some of your favorite past times -shopping and antiquieing!!
    I'm off to town tomorrow for a new blade for my cutter. So mmany things tocut and a dull blade. Take care.

  2. Shopping good!!! I see "the vase" got top spot on the new chair. L,A-

  3. Oh I do think Little Sis was so nice to take you out and about. You did also manage to take home some lovely treasures again.
    Love the new background.
    Yes a Wee Puppy would be just perfect. DI

  4. I like the chair! Mmm .. a puppy would really do some tweaking :)

  5. Cute chair and the color works well with the plants. A puppy? I'm not much of a dog person but some of those little miniature dogs are adorable. Plus, they can be trained to go potty on those little mats.

  6. is always what I do to feel better! I can't help it! I love to shop! That's why I can't wait to win the lottery. hee,hee,hee.
    Love all the "tweaking" you did. Everything looks wonderful!
    xx, shell and sugie


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