Friday, August 13, 2010


I  am doing the post tonight as Mom has had a problem all day---
she has had to "fight' to stay awake all day--Poor Mommy!!!
She really had an on going "fight" all day--
But she did manage to get a little work done--
She got the stitching all done for the First Friday Freebie--now to figure out how to make it in to something---maybe tomorrow she will be more "awake" for that job???
She also finished basting Short story and the Honey bun quilt--

And she got alittle excited when it was mail call time--
She got a fabric order in--
she had fallen in love with two lines--one is fall--this one here--there is 3 pieces here--
this Christmas line--the recipe cards is a one yard cut--rest are 1/2 yard cuts--I don't know about you "bloggers" but looking at these prints is making me hungry!!!!
Where is my dish!!!!

And she got these two prints--do you think my Mom likes birds--red ones at that????

My Mom tried to do everything to stay awake--she even took her nap--
But that didn't seem to help for long--
The only time she did not fall asleep was when she was eating and she ate good at each meal -- hoping it would help--

But it --
so that is why I am doing todays post---
But I am not a big "talker' like my Mom-!!
and it is time for--
my evening "bath" so I need to go now too!!!

I know Mom would want me to say---
Have a great and safe and happy week end--
Hugs, Di and Cameo---

PS--she said to tell you that the "bump" are a common thing and are not any thing to worry about!!!!


  1. Are you sure you ok and your bump removal didn't make you tired??? Oh gosh I'm worried about you my friend.
    Wish I was there.
    Cameo, keep an eye on mama!
    xx, shell

  2. Cute! What a keeper you have ...
    Have a wonderful summer weekend!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Get a good nights sleep and hopefully you won't be so sleepy tomorrow...Love your new fabrics, you are going to have a lot of fun playing with those!

  4. Probably from the surgery, I would think?? Although my fall allergies are starting and they're wiping me out as well! Look at all the stitching you got done though...and I'm loving those new fabrics! Feel better Di!!

  5. Thank goodness Cameo is there to look after Mum! Cute Christmas fabrics!

  6. See what happens when you let them mess with your head? I know that so tired you can't function feeling. Makes for a rough day. The best thing to do is give in to the sleepiness and take 14 little naps a day.

    Glad to hear your bumpy head is normal and nothing to worry about :)

  7. Glad your bump was not too big a thing...sleepy is good...sleep if your body tells you to!!


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