Saturday, August 7, 2010


Stop the presses-----
do you realize today was Saturday all day--even??????
do you realize that means that "another" week end is half over????
Ouch--for some reason this has "caught" me off guard!!!!!!
this morning Little sister stopped by to see how me and Cameo made out during the night and she said she had to go over town--and she named the Quilt shop as one stop==so that stopped me in my tracks--
And I said I would go--can always find something to buy!!!!!!
so off we went--
This is what I did get--
Two pieces of fabric from in the sale room--the light green I am already using--but isn't that white with the little glazed flowers so pretty--there was 1 1/4 yards left-so I got it for my background stash!!!  the pattern was 1/2 price and I like both items on it--I bet it is paper piecing--lt looks a lot like the big quilt I did of packages last year--never thought to look??????

Then we stopped and got a couple slices of pizza and came home and ate it!!

Little sister went home to use her fabric and I went to the sewing room and started this months Schnibbles!!!
I chose Short Story--( decided I had to do too many Plan C's in my life--I did not need to make one!!!!!!!!)
Am glad I am doing this one--it is a new technique for me and---
I have gotten to use this ruler that I got long time ago--like years ago---and have never used---I almost got rid of it in the cleaning out--so glad I didn't it!!!!
See the light green -- am using it for the background in this quilt--
I am really liking how these blocks are coming out--and I like the charm pack I picked for it---
these are ready for squaring and to use the ruler on---lots more blocks to sew yet!!!

I did get a finish done last night--

another block of the Shabby Rose bom from last year--Yes!!!!
Also got Brutus all stitched in on this months cat bom--
and got two more block of months prepped---so I am working right along!!!
I really would like to see me get all of this months projects done--so I could do some other Projects---but---
Now I had for gotten that  I have not one, not two, but three of the jelly roll block quilt tops to sew together--soon if not sooner!!!!
Now for a Cameo update---
Hi to all "Di's" blog friends--
Thank you all for welcoming me to my new "mom's" place!!!
She does have a neat place and I am learning my way around here and the new rules!!!
HA HA--I am really teaching my new mom--my rules--but don't tell her I said that!!!!
I am feeling much better and I slept through the night without getting into any trouble--I even went in twice and slept next to mom's back for awhile--but my favorite sleeping place is the wicker rocking chair--so far--or mom's bed!!!!!
In the picture I am playing with mom's new mouse she got me--I like her toys so far--Have not played with Amy's toys at all since I have been here!!!!
I have purred for mom a couple times now---but have not sat on her lap yet---gotta take things slow!!!!
My new mom gave me a great new Treat tonight---the juice from her can of salmon and I licked up all of it and cleaned my bowl for her!!!!  I also like her dry food better than Amy's--so we are on a roll here!!!
I do sleep alot--at least today I did--tomorrow just might be a different story!!!!!
Well need to go--mom promised we'd watch a movie tonight---soooooo---



  1. Fabric and kinda day!
    Glad Cameo is adjusting well. What a sweetie! I'm so glad you got her Di. It's wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the Cameo update! She sounds like she is settling right in. Love those new blocks, can't wait to see this Schnibbles all done too. You've got me craving pizza now...oh, and fabric too!!

  3. Pretty new fabric and the pattern does look similar, but very very cute. Can't wait to see the Schnibbles done--it is looking great so far. Hee Cameo--sounds like you are settling in for a good life. L,A-

  4. You are always so busy your blocks...

  5. Love the blocks! And the fabrics - great shopping. So glad Cameo is settling in ok. She is a beautie :)

  6. Your Short Story blocks look great. I love all the colors from the charm pack. Going to be another fun quilt.

    I love when the kitties get all snuggly in my lap. Too bad allergies/asthma keeps us from getting more kitties.

  7. Love those blocks -- what a neat way to do things!

  8. I was working on this little Schnibbles yesterday made it farther than I did though..looking good!


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