Saturday, August 21, 2010


Plan A was to stitch all--all day today!!!!
as I have been out and about for the last two or three days--
My plan was to stay "in"--
BUT--little sister changed that plan--again!!!!

So we took off ----
Just around the corner we found these beautiful morning glories growing on a fence--
And --yes that is a "back" end of big fat bumble bee--he was just having a ball going from one flower to the next!!!!
First we stopped at the Health food store so Little sister could  get her toothpaste!!
The I had seen a sign the day before of a yard sale --
so I surprised her by walking to it --
I got that cute silly faced cat for 50 cents--
and this cute baby dress for 50 cents--will probably dress a teddy bear in it!!!!
And--I got this country doll for $1.00---
See this tag on her hands---
Well---would you believe that I was/am the designer and maker of this doll!!!
she is about 14 years old by now--I sold her in my shop sometime in the late 90's!!!
I just had to buy her back----
and she looks like she will go right along with one of my civil war mini doll quilts!!!!

Then as we were walking through the park to get to downtown area--
I seen this????????
and these--
and this one was on the side walk!!!!
Do you think these pictures are telling "me" something??????

Then we had our pizza for lunch--
went up on the hill antique shop to see what was new--
Yep--seen something I would really like--but????

then stopped at the Quilt shop--
did talk myself out of buying any fabric--but did get these--
3 AU magazines--for $2.00 each--I usually buy them as soon as she gets them in--
but hadn't kept up with them lately--so was very excited to see these three last issues for on sale--also got a 4th one--McCalls one--think it has a pattern for the layer cake I have????
and if you look you will see a "pumpkin" in the picture--got that at the country shop!!!
there is one more there I want to go with this one!!!
Then we came home---yes!!!!!

And I did get something started and finished--
another bom--Fruits of the Spirit---
and got one more block hand quilted on Short Story--
so only 29 to go!!!!!

That is my story for today--what's yours????


  1. Those morning glories are really beautiful!

    You made some sweet purchases at your garage sale. That's ALWAYS nice :)


  2. That's cool that you bought one of your own dolls! I think that you should stay home tomorrow and make a new quilt for her.

  3. Love the purple flowers--of course!!! And fall does seem to being flying toward us. Love Creating Country Threads. They have so many cute things to add to the to do list. Sounds like you had a good day. L,A-

  4. How nice to find your own doll - I bet she's pleased to be home again :)
    The cat is cute!

  5. Love the big fat old Bumble Bee getting his nector fix!!! Great shot.

    Cute doll and I agree she needs a little quilt made by you just for her!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  6. Love your yard sale finds. Same thing happened to me before - found something I had made YEARS ago and just had to buy it back. I say if you find it again after all those years, it's meant to go home with you.


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