Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It was my Anne's day to be here again!!
We both worked on some hand quilting for an hour or so and then went to walmart--got some Turkey and rolls and 2 donuts and came back here and had lunch!!!!

Then I quickly "gathered" up the dirty laundry and headed to the laundry room and did 2 big loads of washing---
SO--not alot of sewing or quilting got done today!!!
I did find one--just one snapdragon in my garden today while I was waiting for the dryer ---I used to have alot of them come up every year--but another resident here took it upon herself to "clean" up the flower bed early this spring and she must of pulled them all up!!!!!
And I found this little rose in one of the gardens still blooming away!!!

this is what I am working on today---
hand quilting my Short Story--this is the design--
there are 49 blocks--
I have done 13 so far!!!
So have 36 yet to go--Plus the border!!!!!

So this post is short and sweet---

OH--I did finish reading another book last night--think that puts me at '21' read for this year so far!!!!!



  1. Short Story is looking awesome. I did laundry too. Yucky! L,A-

  2. No laundry here today but I will need to do a load tomorrow so that I don't go to work naked lol.

    I did a couple 12.5" blocks for a swap but really haven't finished too many projects lately.

  3. Hey Di... finally catching up on your blog posts :) All your sewing is looking great!

  4. I can't wait to see Short Story done...looking good!

  5. Di, your hand quilting is so beautiful and precise. It really gives a wonderful look to your quilts. I admire your patience!!

  6. I do love the look of hand quilting. Beautiful girlfriend!


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