Monday, August 16, 2010


I have discovered there are three words that have different meanings--
1. rearrange--means to move furniture and items in room already there -around!!!
2. decorate--means to usually change items from one room to another--or to add new            items to a grouping or to change a grouping of items around!!!
3. tweaking means--little sister comes in and says--"oh-you redecorated"!!!
     BUT--these would look better over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUSY sewing day---
and I LOVED IT!!!!

I started at the top of my "in box" on my cutting counter--
Yes--still working along on the round robin quilt--I have this row all done and quilted--and have the second row now pressed and the backing on it and it is now ready to quilt!!

I actually got this UFO basted--remember I got the batting and backing cut the other day when I did two other projects--and I am so happy that I took the time to baste this one and didn't just "put' it to one side--of course -- when it will get quilted is "unknown"!!!!!!

got the next "Gifts of Grace" block all prepped---and in the bom tray--

I have another finish--this will be "two" projects for the count--
one is for the Early Bird Christmas challenge--see the heart button--
and the second one is for the First Friday Freebie--
The back side--love them "birdies"--and did you notice it has lots of 'purple'?????
and here is the stitchery part--and on this side there is two more hearts!!!

I got the blocks for this Jelly Roll quilt top all stitched together--I still have the borders to do--but -- hey--gals--there is only so many hours in the day and one has to have some time to eat some "chocolate" and run to the little girls room!!!!!!!!!!

So what kind of a little "toy" size dog should Di look for???????

I have watched a couple Sandra Bullock movies this past week end and found this quote of hers and I want to share it with you--
"Anything sweet, really sweet, that I have was nothing that I planned."
Is that now how it really is---the "sweetest--neatest things that come our way or happen to us are not usually of our making or doing!!!!

Have a great day--
Hugs, Di 


  1. WOW
    You have been busy. I love all your creations there. The jelly roll quilt is gorgeous

  2. Hello Di! Sounds like you've gotten your energy back, and then some! :-) I love the needlecase, what a beautiful gift that will be! And your mitered corners with that beautiful fabric (Flower Sugar?) look perfect!

  3. Sounds like your head pain is gone and you're feeling more like yourself again. Love the needle holder and the jelly roll quilt is looking amazing!

  4. You're back to your normal self I see. The jellyroll quilt is a beauty.
    A mini poodle? Don't shed ... and are sooo cute!

  5. You are a busy girl. Love the sampler quilt. The fabric is so yummy.
    Your needle case is so pretty.
    Your getting a little dog? How fun.

  6. Oh, you get so much done!! I love your jelly roll quilt. It's coming together very nicely. I would love the needlecase--lovely.

  7. My gracious! You have gotten so much done! I love that little stitchy project. That is so cute!


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