Monday, August 2, 2010


Oh--my--but "Di" goofed a little I think!!!!
No she did not "over spend"---
she was very good and stuck to her list--all day!!!!
But she forgot to say in Fridays' post that she was going "out" of town shopping!!!!

You are all soooo funny though--
I really enjoyed your answers--and I heard from 3-4 new readers out there--thank you for following me--and they even gave the same answers!!!!

So 4-5 of you said -- chocolate---and I did not bring any chocolate home--but I ate two squares of dark chocolate while shopping!!!!

And 4-5 of you said--ice cream--again--I did not bring any home--except in my "tummy" as we stopped for a tasty freeze on the way home!!!!

Now here the tally goes up---
7 of you said--Fabric---
and you were right--I did have fabric on my list---
and I stuck to that list---
I wanted some plain white--got 4 1/2 yards of white---
I wanted some fabrics for some doll dresses--got these with that in mind!!
I sorta did not actually have these two written on my list--but am still looking for fabrics for a quilt for DS for Christmas--we need to do black and white with music and cats on it--found these two--got 1 1/2 yards of the bottom one--thinking it would be "perfect" for the borders!!!!
this was the main group I was after==some purples and some oranges for a Fall project I want to do this month---Yumm!!!
I did come out also with these--I did have buttons on my list--I thought they were half price this week at Joann's--but it's next week--but did find these on sale--the brown package is doll hair!!!!
So I did really good at Joann's--right????

Did some office shopping--
Ink color for printer--
and a new office chair---BUT--it is still in the box--as I don't know if I am going to be able to keep it--remember--I have that "dumb" illness that I react to Chemicals and there will be alot in this new chair--with the plastic and the leather fabric--soo what to do???

these where on my list--

Vitamins---but guess what--two have to go back--did not realize the mg on the Potassium was so high and not sure about the ingredients in the Calcium ones either????
they were on the list!!!
But guess what ---- we do have a winner---
WE do--who????
drum roll---

The winner is LOLA

WHY---   CAUSE---she named the following items in her comment--
And these where on my list!!!!!
I just don't have the last item she mentioned----YET???????
OK what did I do today--
Napped a couple times---that was a long day yesterday--left at 10 am and did not get home til 6 pm---
And don't faint on me--but I did some housework today and cooked a good supper and even invited Little sister to share it with me--wonder if that is why I feel like I am starving right now????????

And I started on the first bom for August that I got in --
This is the Sentimental Journey one--I still have some fancy scroll stitching to do going around this block--but hey I did do some stitching today!!!!

Think I have made up for not posting yesterday---
HEY--what do you think about all the choices for this month's Schnibble--do you know which one you are going to do yet???????????



  1. You did have lots of fun shopping. Love the purple of course, can't wait to see what you do with them. L,A-

  2. The "thing" that is missing is what I really wanted to say was on your list, but thought I might be pushing it :) Look forward to seeing the event :)
    Congrats to Lola!

  3. Lots of shopping! I like the music fabric :) Getting closer to kitty time. The chair looks very comfortable but I bet it is a little "smelly"

    I chose Plan C for this month's Schnibble. Don't yell at me but you can see my finished top on today's (Tuesday) post.

  4. Yay for Lola! Good guessing! Now let's see what you do with allllll that fabric!!!!
    And... when do you get the kitty to go with all that kitty stuff????!!!

  5. Great fabrics Di! Did I miss something? Are you getting a cat? I'll have to go and reread some older posts! I hate being the last to know! LOL

  6. OH OH OH OH I am so happy you ARE getting a lil bitty kitty buddy or bigger kitty! Now I just wish my powers of guessing would win me the lotto! Ha ha ha!


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