Thursday, September 30, 2010


We got lots and lots of rain at my house today--
it felt like this at times--
But we did need it!!!
the rain--we really don't need any more cats and dogs that need homes!!!


So What did I do while it was raining cats and dogs outside????
I worked inside--where it was nice and dry---
on ---
Yes--I have another Fall wall hanging project all done--Yep--eeeee!!!!

Now for a Pom-pom story--
see these--
If you look real close--you will see that they hardly have any of the shiny threads on each ball---now I know I have seen and used ones in the pass that where all filled in nicely--
My advice is to study this packaging--
and don't buy this kind!!!!

Also got this project finished--
It is the fourth "snap" top purse from the sew in with my girl friend the other day--
this one I added a tie handle--you can untie it and make it longer or shorter--good for me!!! (we will not tell the audience that one tie needs to be "frogged" off and turned around and restitched--as this is my "prototype" so it is ok on this one!!!!????????)


Here's a story for your enjoyment---

One rainy day--
Missy was going for a walk when she found--
a lonely wet kitten in a soggy wet box--
so she took him in her arms and took him home--
Then they often watched it rain from inside 
where it was warm and safe--
But the little kitten thought often about his
being taken in and loved and he thought 
it was time to pay back the favor--
So he invited his "lunch" inside and
he promised the little mice that he would not
hurt them until a more proper day came along--
and when it was sunny and warm outside!!!!

And the little mice where so happy that they fixed their new cat friend lunch!!!!
The End!!!!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I spent most of the day looking for some "paperwork"--
did I find it "NO"--
I took a mess of regular paper work 
and a mess of patterns that I have collected from the Internet--
and ---
Now it is all filed nicely--so I can find it--
just couldn't find --that "one" piece/letter that I was looking for!!!!!
OH well!!!!!!!!!!

 Even cleaned out my "pattern" holder--just in case??????

Then this afternoon I took the bus---
Where is everyone---not even a driver at the moment!!!!!
I went to Wal-mart and got the these things---
gotta have them----
WE are suppose to get alot of rain tomorrow--so wanted to be sure I had enough chocolate to get by with!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you are a smoker--beware of this next section!

Our complex here is going NON-SMOKING--
and by June 2011 you will not even be able to smoke in your own apartments!!!
Not even out the windows---

NOW--I do not smoke---
and right now there is about 9 tenants out of 48 who do smoke---
as of Oct 13, 2010--you can not smoke outside--within 50 feet of the building---
Now here--they have taken a good storage building and put windows in it and a table and chairs for the smokers to smoke in----maybe they will use--then again ?????
So we have been under alot of "stress" here!!!!

Now for a story--
when I was working the first year out of high school--
I gained some (well--too much) weight--
and all my friends told me that if I would learn to smoke--
it would help me lose weight--
I took up smoking---
for about 3 days!!!!
Then I realized something---
that after every cigarette--
I was eating a couple of these

I had to get the taste of the 
cigarette out of my "mouth"--
Had a good laugh that day--
and have never touched another
cigarette again!!!
cause if I had to eat 10 candy
bars a day--can you imagine
what I would 'weigh" today??

So that's my "smokin" story and I am sticking to it!!!!!!!

Oh did I do any sewing today????
Was I suppose to do some of that -- too???

and Yes--I did do some hand quilting on the "Spooky's" wall hanging!!!!

Well--be good---
Hugs, Di

Monday, September 27, 2010


Rain Rain go away--
Di has to go here today!!!
and let "those" dentist people use these---
On her "pearly" whites!!!
so that her "tootifies" will stay healthy--
and to see if she has any cavities!!!

No cavities!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl friend Denise took me to the appointment---
it was an hour away---
we stopped at a shop on the way home and she surprised me with this--
I may go blind using these templates--
but I will have fun--while I am doing it!!!!!!!

We also stopped and took a couple pictures of the hills--
When did Fall get here--
I know the calendar has said Fall---
but when did these trees start turning--????????
some of the trees are already bare!!!!!

I did get some sewing done this afternoon--finally!!!
Got this finished--
SEE the little orange and black checked bow--
under the kitten's chin----
isn't that the cutest.


and one minute I am going to do this----
and the next--I don't know if that is the right decision---
So I am asking for prayer--that God will show me exactly which way to go!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Because if I had a cat or two--
then I would not have this helper---
And I need all the help I can get these days!!!!

Between me and my new friend--
we are really happy tonight--
as we got this "project" completely done!!!

Yep-- the quilt that I am donating to the Odessa, NY library is all done--
even the tiny beads are all in!!!
This was a block of the month by Jenny at Gum Tree Designer--
she even wrote the verse that is stitched in the center--
I do not know what line of fabrics I used or if it was a couple different lines!!!

So now I will go on to working some of this months bom's that I have not gotten done and the rest of my Fall projects!!

Here is another couple "flower" pictures from my friends garden yesterday--

So are we having any fun this week end???????
I also got two loads of laundry done first thing this morning--
that felt good!!!!

 Do remember--that often times our most enjoyable moments come from just simple things--like watching a lady bug walking along a flower leaf!!!!

Take care--
Hugs, Di
PS--anyone for a "pop-tart"???????

Friday, September 24, 2010


 You all probably thought that I went somewhere's--
by not blogging for a day or so--but no I am here--

Yesterday was just one of those days--

where you began to wonder if "people" got any "brains" in their heads at all!!!

But we will not go into that can of worms!!!!

here is a story--
oh and by the way--
you may "wonder" where "Di's" brains have been--after you see this??????

As you all know -- I have been working on a quilt to donate to my Library---
well- I got all the hand quilting done yesterday morning and went to look for more of the fabrics to see what was left for the binding!!!???
I could not find one little piece  of scrap of the fabrics--
SOOO--like a big sister--
I called up Little sister and she came running over to look--
Nothing--she could not find any either--so--
we went up to the Quilt shop--
And after much searching we finally found this pink fabric to go with it!!!
I was unable to get to it to do the binding when we got home--
as life "roared" up it's head!!!!

This morning I was packing up some fabrics to go to a girl friends to sew
and I looked up at my one little sewing box on the wall--
And something "pink" caught my eye!!!
and guess what it is?????????
the binding for the quilt---I had already made it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will say No more!!!!!!!!

 AT my girl friend Denise's place we sewed--
and we had alot of fun using this---
To make these---
The little purses that "snap" back when opened--
you can make these in any size or shape--
and they are really alot of fun to make--
she got "5" made---
whereas I only got 4 1/2 all done--
why did she get more done--
it seems that I had to wind a new color bobbin for each of mine--
so now she has a nice new stack of wound bobbins!!!!
I had to take a picture of this zinnia plant--
a friend gave this to her and it was one tiny single stem 
in a cup when she got it and planted it outside---
can you believe how large and beautiful this "baby" is?????

And I did get this all done--

the other day!!!!

Now --I do not know whether to "laugh" or "cry"--
I totally did not think when it came to the fall leaf photos--
I forgot that this is around the world work and that half the world is enjoying "spring"--
and that the leaves are really just barely starting even here!!!!  Duh???>??

Hugs, Di

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