Thursday, September 2, 2010


Now this looks like fun--
where as my washing was dirty laundry for the last two days!!!!

Boy has life been an adventure the last two days---
Little sister got to adopt this--
This is the "famous" Morris---he is now an official indoor cat---
he is defleaed--dewormed--had his first set of shots--
a lady from the SPCA took him to the Vet's yesterday and got it all done--course
we have to pay the bill--$75.00--she said they where all really amazed at this kitten--for a feral cat--he just let them do anything they wanted to him---never bit them or anything--when done he just climbed back into the carrier!!!!
then Carol took him to her place for awhile and she worked at combing him to get some of the fleas off--and he just laid there and let her and purred the whole time!!!
Morris loves to be under little sister's wicker furniture -- he sleeps here--he does come out--but when he realizes it--back he goes---
But the little stinker has had us worried all day as he would not go "potty'!!!!
We even went over to his old home and dug up some of the dirt and grass there--
and finally tonight at 8:30 pm the little guy did "both" and did a good job---!!!!!

I also had a first yesterday--
I rode our new village bus to Wal mart--
We have to get on here--this is near the little park at the end of the lake--
here is the bus!!!!

At walmart I found my "purple" pom pom---
Had to buy this package of 65 to get one "purple" one!!!!!!
Picked up these two little boys shirts for $2.00 each for our outreach Santa program--
And I found this water bottle--we have looked and looked for the new safe ones
in a small size for around town---it was only $2.50!!!


Got these four blocks prepped--two are bom's---
two are just ones I want to do!!!
Between yesterdays and todays laundry-waiting--I got two more hats done---

And I got the "Spooky" fall hanging all basted!!!

At 5 pm we were invited to help one of the new residents celebrate her birthday--
This is Shelia--and she was "80" years young yesterday--
and I am sure she made the blouse she has on--
as she makes all her clothes still!!!!
Here's just one table of some of the other residents!!!
This is Harold and his twin sister Thelma--they both live here--
in different apartments--and Thelma is cat crazy!!!!
The other lady is Shirley and she is our puzzle lady???
She has a table in the community room where she works on a puzzle nearly every day!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Hi sweets! So glad Morris and little sister are happy together! I think that is wonderful. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. What a sweet little cat - he looks well settled in already. Amazing how much knitting you got done while doing the laundry - a real multi tasker!! Have a great weekend.

  3. What a sweetie. Auntie Di. You have been very busy today. And fast. Can't believe how fast you do those hats now. Soon you will be doing them in your sleep. Like the new blog design. L,A-

  4. Little Morris looks like he's settling right in. You have a lot to show for your stitching time. The little hats are so thoughtful.

  5. What a little cutie Morris is.
    That birthday cake looks super yummy :)

  6. Nice autumn blog design.
    Morris is a little darling.

  7. Morris is such a cutie! It's nice that you have a community bus to ride to Walmart now. Walmart will start to have nice sales on their summer items now. That's when I like to go shopping to pick up things for Christmas :)

  8. We had a cat like Morris. Would lay there and let the little kids pull his fur out and just purr. Morris is a great cat and your sister is lucky to have him. Love the pictures of Harold and Thelma. How sweet. And Shelly's blouse is pretty nice. I noticed before you even mentioned it.

  9. What a gorgeous boy Morris is. I'm thrilled he has a loving home. I'm still praying for his littermates and mama.

    Looks like a good time was had by everyone at the birthday party.


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