Monday, September 6, 2010

DEAR GOD---HELP..........

Dear God--
Please help me in my unbelief today!
Why did you allow this to happen!!!
I know you know "all"--
so I will "try" to go with that knowledge--
and go on---but I am having a real "hard" time-
with this one.
Hugs, Diane

I met Mary Claire Kulgo at the newly formed Red Hat club at the Quilt shop--I had not actually paid her much attention until she walked up to me at one of the meetings and handed me a paper bag--and inside was my very first Purple t-shirt for Red Hat meetings--and she says--"here--I know you don't get out much to shop--and I seen this--so I got it for you".  Me a total stranger, nearly!!!!

Mary Claire (you used both names for her!!!) she was kinda the Red Hat "clown"--in the above photos we are trying to show her how to make a Christmas ornament--have to say she was excited as she had never done anything "crafty" before!!!
See--she's clowning around at a "formal" Red Hat dinner!!!!
Here she is at the Mall for our first day of summer outing--we always went to Friendly's for ice cream--you can also see that she loved Harley's!!!!
Here she is at another one of the Dinners--looks like we finally got her to sit down for a minute--she's a busy bee--that one!!
Mary Claire took any one any where they needed to go--she drove people all over 4-6 days a week---remember she is the one who took Little sister and me to see our special doctor up north end of March!!!!
So Mary Claire I just wanna know----WHY--where you in the street when that car hit you??????
WHY   WHY   WHY----was your mind on something else---or was the young girl who hit you going too fast and not watching??????   
Bless you Mary Claire for all the laughs, rides, friendship, hugs, all of it--thank you for being you while you were here with us!
Love you Mary Claire---Diane--your former Queen Mother

Why do I have a picture of Cameo up again????
Cause this has a Mary Claire story!!!
I have to say that even though I had told Amy I would try to take Cameo--I still did not feel in my heart it was right--don't know why???
but now I see "why" she came into my life--even if it was for a short stay---
I had to go shopping for her some things on August 1st--and my friend and the new Red Hat Queen is the one who took me---while we were out Mary Claire called her and asked her to stop by--and as we where not too far from her home --we did!!!
She was recuperating from colon cancer surgery--it had went well--but she was sooo thin that day---but I got to see her and I got to get some hugs from her--in fact the last one "puzzled" me a bit--as she hugged me really tight and did not want to let go!!!!
this is why "Cameo" came into my life for a short time---I got to see and hug a dear friend one last time!!!!

A couple of the Red hat girls stopped by early Saturday morning and told me about Mary Claire--but I would not believe it was really her until I seen her name in the paper--it has taken all week end---all week end I kept hoping--but a bit ago--I found her name in the paper--so it is true---Mary Claire is with the angels and her very best friend since child hood, Sue, whom passed away mid June!!!!

So big hugs to all of you my dear friends out there in blog land----Di


  1. Oh Di, I am so very sorry to hear of your friend Mary Claire. She sounds like a very special person, and I'm glad you had the chance to touch each other's lives.

  2. Sending big hugs to you Di ! Sorry for the loss of your friend Mary Claire. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. Cameo gave you that last big hug from your dear friend.

  3. A BIG hug for you DI!! I'm so sorry to hear about a lovely, lively lady named Mary Claire. It is so hard to understand how things like this happen, but I am thankful that you got to see her one last time. I'll be praying for you and her family. What a hard thing.

  4. Di, I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful (inside & out) friend. These things are SO hard to understand.. but I guess our only answer is that God needed another special angel called home. Bless you, and many hugs... Tammy

  5. So sorry -- sometimes there just isn't a reason we can fathom. I have a lot of things I want to ask my Heavenly Father when I go to see him face to face. It is hard to remember that this earth is just a stopping place for a brief time. Sending you warm thought hugs!

  6. So sorry Di. She sounds like a wonderful person. Thinking of you and Mary Claire's family.

  7. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo soooo sorry for you loss....truly.

  8. Oh Di, I'm so sorry. What a tragic thing to happen to your friend. Thinking of you and wishing you peace.

  9. Oh honey...oh no...I'm sooooooooo sorry. This is just awful! Sending you so many hugs for your heart. I'm really glad you got to hug her before she became an angel.
    Thinking of you dear friend.
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  10. I'm sending hugs and are right back to you. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.

  11. This makes me so sad and how sad for you. Such a tragedy for all involved. May you find peace and comfort in the sweet memories you hold dear and also knowing that she is in a better place. Hugs to you, Di.

  12. Oh Di, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. You describe such a lovely person. Her spirit will always be with you in your memories.
    Love and hugs for you.

  13. Oh Di I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Dear Red Hatter Friend Mary Clarie.
    It looks like she enjoyed life to the full and I am sure she will be dancing with the angels. Hugz Maria

  14. Its just not right loosing lovely ladies like Mary Claire...take care Di and many hugs to you ((((hugsss))))

  15. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear friend Di!
    How wonderful you did get to see her one last time and get a hug.
    Hoping for you peace and comfort soon.
    XO Lola

  16. Those last times with good friends don't happen often but we do treasure them. I lost my best friend 5 years ago and still think of our last time together.. I miss her so. I am so sorry that you have lost your Mary Claire

  17. Praying for you and your friends family, Di at this sad time. May God Bless you all and give you peace and understanding.

  18. Hello Di, So sorry to hear of the lose so soon of another dear friend. my heart goes out to you. I wish I could be there to give you a hug in person.... but across the miles will have to do.keep safe.

  19. Mary Claire sounds like she was such a fun person to know. I'm so sorry you lost another friend. But I also believe she's with the angels and friends who have gone before her. You'll see her again one day. Hugs Di.

  20. Di, I'm so sorry about Mary Claire. Thank you so much for sharing her with me. I don't know why God allowed her to go in that fashion, but I really believe he knows best and was right there with her as she passed, holding her hand the whole way.

    ((hugs)) Linda


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