Thursday, September 9, 2010


Do stay at home "quilt ladies" get sick days off!!!!

Now don't worry--I really am fine--I think????
Just having an "off" day--
But I did get some hand quilting done on the Library quilt--
and did get over and played with Morris a bit!!!

this is kinda how I feel these days---
I am :tugin and tugin" but don't seem to be getting much done!!!

I do have to say that you great blogging friends have given me alot to laugh about in our Toilet paper posts and I want to thank everyone!!!

So as a "pay back" here is a cartoon from me to you!!!
Ha Ha---

and remember--
And what will you do with your "gift" today????

Hugs, Di


  1. Okay....I LOVE the cartoon!!!!! So cute.

  2. Great cartoon Di!
    Take time to do nothing. Remember my post? Sometimes it's just fun to run amuck and be silly. Sometimes we just need a break. You deserve one. :)
    xx, shell

  3. funny!!! Take a day off!! Feel better. L,A-

  4. Hope you feel better and that you enjoyed your day off. We need a day like that sometimes.

  5. Thanks for the post and the cartoon! Hope you do feel better and enjoy your day at home :) Carolyn


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