Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes--you are not seeing "wrong"---
this table and these folks are literally sitting at a table and eating in the middle of Main street of downtown Watkins Glen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The week end after Labor Day is our Vintage Days for Racing folks---
The whole length of Main street is closed off to thur traffic and only the vintage cars can drive on it and are displayed on it!!!!  In the above pictures they are driving down the street as they are driving the old original race track route--it makes a loop up into the country and back down unto main street---!!!!
Here's some of the parked cars that people drive or bring for show---there's lots and lots of cars---
The engine to one--
Here is the rest of the car!!!!
Where the bike rack is is the Happy Days cafe---Little sister and I went in and had a Hot Fudge Sundae with chocolate ice cream!!!!!  and here is how they line up some of the cars to show!!!

this is my very favorite and is what I want when I get my little house in the country!!!!!

Now I do not normally go over town on Vintage day---
been too many times--
But I had to go do this--
Do you know what this means????
Does this help????
Yep--packages are in the mail--all except the toilet paper prizes--there I need an address yet!!!!

On the way home I keep hearing something making an "squeaky" noise in our little cart we take---
so I got to looking around and this is what I found---
a cute white "mouse"!!!!!
Isn't she the cutest!!!!
and she was only a $1.00!!!!!

Work report___

Worked on the heart wall hanging---got 4 blocks all sewed together and realized that once again I had sewed a strip in upside down--see the kitty blocks--but it gave me a good "excuse" to try out my new seam ripper!!! 
and it is a really slick one--really liked it!!!!
This is the pattern I used---from one of the magazines that Alice sent me!!!
and here is mine---
I used left over charms from one of me Schnibbles qults--the only new thing was the outer border---and this is from the Blush line and has a faint brown line in it--just couldn't get the camera to show it---now it is ready for batting and backing and quilting!!!!!

And I got this bom finished today--
Sentimental Journey by the Raspberry Rabbit---
I really love what this verse says!!!!!

So guess I have turned my "mojoe" up a notch---it was stuck on slow--slow--slow since the first of the month I think!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. What a fun day event ... love LOVE those cars! Your quilt designs are wonderful ... the bom is lovely.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Back to normal speed, I see :)
    Cute hearts - nice fabrics.
    The little mouse is sweet - don't let Morris see!

  3. Love the mouse and love the hearts!!! Oh, and your favorite car is mine too I think :)

  4. What a fun event! Festive for everyone indeed!

    I think that green vintage truck is great! I think I would have to get a hold of some pink 50's shades to full fill the image!

    The mouse is a cutie also, thanks you for sharing. Carolyn


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