Monday, September 27, 2010


Rain Rain go away--
Di has to go here today!!!
and let "those" dentist people use these---
On her "pearly" whites!!!
so that her "tootifies" will stay healthy--
and to see if she has any cavities!!!

No cavities!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl friend Denise took me to the appointment---
it was an hour away---
we stopped at a shop on the way home and she surprised me with this--
I may go blind using these templates--
but I will have fun--while I am doing it!!!!!!!

We also stopped and took a couple pictures of the hills--
When did Fall get here--
I know the calendar has said Fall---
but when did these trees start turning--????????
some of the trees are already bare!!!!!

I did get some sewing done this afternoon--finally!!!
Got this finished--
SEE the little orange and black checked bow--
under the kitten's chin----
isn't that the cutest.


and one minute I am going to do this----
and the next--I don't know if that is the right decision---
So I am asking for prayer--that God will show me exactly which way to go!!!


  1. Your fall photos are just beautiful. We were over there this time last year and just loved the colours on the trees. Dentists? Ooooohhhh......

  2. I remember Fall and changing leaves. Can't wait to see them again in October!

    Sending up good thoughts that you will find the answers you are looking for and that the answers are right for you.

  3. oooohhh, such beautiful color! We don't get much fall color, and it is still too early, but I do love to see what other people enjoy.

    I know that our Lord will direct your path if He is asked. I will pray for your decision -- please pray for me, also -- same reason!


  4. Your fall pictures are so beautiful! I think it's been too dry here this year to have much color. We did get rain today, though, and we needed it so badly!

  5. Yippee! No cavities!
    The fall leaves are gorgeous. Still really green here. Fortunately it is raining so hopefully they will not go straight to brown. Your kitty is really cute with his little bow.

  6. Yeah for cavities. Hope my
    dental visit Thursday is as good as yours. Love your beautiful fall pictures. I spent a few hours in the mountains today and posted a few pictures. Like you was surprise some of the leaves were fading and some trees bare. Nola

  7. Beautiful autumn trees - just love the colours!
    Hope you find an answer to your question.

  8. Your fall photos are so pretty. Unfortuntely, it's been too dry here for the trees to be really pretty, but I love fall.

  9. Love your fall pictures. We don't anything like that where I'm at. And you know when you are quiet God will talk to you and you will "know" what is the right answer. ;-)

  10. Dentist...ick, gag, puke, ouchie!
    Glad you toofies are good though!
    Love, love, love all the tree colors. We just don't get anything like that here. It's so beautiful.
    Sending happy thoughts your way that you will get the answers you need sweets. Thinking of you!
    xx, shell


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