Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hey--Pooh bear--guess what?????

Di got some work done today--
Like in the sewing room even---
can you believe it?????

First her friend, Anne, came and they both did hand work--
Di is working on the Library quilt--shes' got 4 out of 9 blocks all done!!!

Then she finished the embroidery on this--
And late this afternoon she even got the borders on it---
See---and she even mittered the corners---
but now I wonder how she will finish it????

And earlier her work station looked like this--
Let's see it looks like she has 4 Fall projects lined up---
she got the wood chair one sewed together--
Then she sewed this one--
Do you think "Di" likes black cats????
she said we have to wait until another day to see the other 2 projects and what they are going to be!!!!

Hey Pooh bear--
guess what---
you know "Di" has been looking for a little doggie--
well look at what she has found so far--
the shelter's name for this lady is Miss-Fit--she is 4-5 years old--what a cutie pie!!!

Now this one is just adorable too--this one is a male--
and his name is Winston--the funny thing is--
Di keep calling Morris--Winston--do you think that means something--
just love this cutie!!!
(but Di has been looking for a female!!!!!)

Now--here is the problem--this little lady is not too far away--
she has been a mother to a couple litters--the man that owns her says he is down sizing--I believe Di should go get here-and take her to get fixed so her puppy making days are over--even looks like she needs to visit the groomer--not sure she has been taken care of well---but would Di be getting herself into a "can of worms" so to say--as she is not that experienced with dogs???????

So what is your vote on these three???????

Well--be good --have a safe day--
Hugs, Di


  1. So much for taking a break!! What is a Library quilt?

  2. Looks like you were very productive girlfriend! Pretty!
    Let's see, out of the 3 dogs, I think they are all sweet as can be. You have to go with the one that tugs at your heart. Of course, having to take a dog out to go potty all the time is a lot of work.

  3. I like doggie no 3 :) But they are all soooo cute... I'd go with what Michelle says - the one that tugs at your heart... Can't wait to see who comes to live with you!

  4. Oh my you have been very busy! Very cute fall goodies. Not sure I could decide they are all cute--but #3 looks like she needs someone more. But you have to bond, so wait til you meet them. L,A-

  5. Oh Di, I'm no help here - I'd love all 3!! They are so cute!

  6. That would be a hard choice! They are all so cute! I think I like two and three best:)

  7. Okay I agree the one that tugs at your heart the most is the one to get. And do remember that taking a dog outside for a walk a couple times a day gets old! (Ask me I know! But totally worth it for me.) If you have a little place you can open the door, let them out and then come back in that's the best. But people do use those potty pads. Okay here's what I think (as a former dog breeder). Most males will mark (and that includes in your house) The 1st guy is part terrier and needs exercise - that may mean just throwing the ball for 10 min while watch tv or it may mean much more. 3rd gal is bred for being a lap (champion) dog and should be more calm. She is coming from a breeder who most likely will be more than happy to answer any questions after you take her home.

  8. Oh my! You have to take Winston. No question about it. The little puppy machine is cute too though and I'm a sucker for things that need fixing - as in pets that need grooming up. And it sounds like she needs a nice home away from breeding where someone will give her lots of love. I've always preferred male pets to female though. That's why Winston gets my vote. And I adore his name!

  9. Cute doggies, Di! Sounds like you got some good advice from the ladies above. I'm a cat person, never owned a dog so I have no idea. Good luck whatever you decide! Love your stitchery!!

  10. Love the touch of Autumn block. Very realistic. Just what you would expect to see on the porch during Fall.


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