Friday, September 24, 2010


 You all probably thought that I went somewhere's--
by not blogging for a day or so--but no I am here--

Yesterday was just one of those days--

where you began to wonder if "people" got any "brains" in their heads at all!!!

But we will not go into that can of worms!!!!

here is a story--
oh and by the way--
you may "wonder" where "Di's" brains have been--after you see this??????

As you all know -- I have been working on a quilt to donate to my Library---
well- I got all the hand quilting done yesterday morning and went to look for more of the fabrics to see what was left for the binding!!!???
I could not find one little piece  of scrap of the fabrics--
SOOO--like a big sister--
I called up Little sister and she came running over to look--
Nothing--she could not find any either--so--
we went up to the Quilt shop--
And after much searching we finally found this pink fabric to go with it!!!
I was unable to get to it to do the binding when we got home--
as life "roared" up it's head!!!!

This morning I was packing up some fabrics to go to a girl friends to sew
and I looked up at my one little sewing box on the wall--
And something "pink" caught my eye!!!
and guess what it is?????????
the binding for the quilt---I had already made it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will say No more!!!!!!!!

 AT my girl friend Denise's place we sewed--
and we had alot of fun using this---
To make these---
The little purses that "snap" back when opened--
you can make these in any size or shape--
and they are really alot of fun to make--
she got "5" made---
whereas I only got 4 1/2 all done--
why did she get more done--
it seems that I had to wind a new color bobbin for each of mine--
so now she has a nice new stack of wound bobbins!!!!
I had to take a picture of this zinnia plant--
a friend gave this to her and it was one tiny single stem 
in a cup when she got it and planted it outside---
can you believe how large and beautiful this "baby" is?????

And I did get this all done--

the other day!!!!

Now --I do not know whether to "laugh" or "cry"--
I totally did not think when it came to the fall leaf photos--
I forgot that this is around the world work and that half the world is enjoying "spring"--
and that the leaves are really just barely starting even here!!!!  Duh???>??

Hugs, Di


  1. Sounds like you just love to watch the leaves change and were getting a bit excited too early?

    I don't even want to think how many times I have done that with my bindings. lol

  2. Love your fall time stitchery! I laughed about your binding...because it sounds just like something I might do!!

  3. It always happens--the minute you go buy a new one--you find the old one. Now you have more pretty pink fabric. The little purses are very cute.

  4. Di, your Library quilt is beautiful! What is the pattern and the fabric? And what do you do with all the quilts that you finish? Surely, you can't store them all. Do you donate a lot?

  5. Love the little purses! Seems like your brain works like mine :)
    I'm watching the leaves change, too!

  6. Isn't that just the way it goes... you find it when you've already bought some more. BUT the good thing is that you can never have enough pink :) I'm sure you'll use it somewhere else!

  7. Di, the lost binding thing has happened to me a couple of times.
    Darling Fall stitchery, I'm waiting for our leaves to change, I just love Fall.

  8. Too funny about your binding! I would do something like that!
    I'm excited for Fall too and I can't wait for the crisp air. Was 91 here today. Ick.
    xx, shell

  9. That's funny about the binding!! I would do that too! I want to say thanks for making my little fall stitchery wall quilt! I love the colors you used! It's beautiful!!! I'm so excited that someone has made it!!! Hugs Ariane


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