Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I think I am doing okay so far--as long as I don't think about "her" too much--
It is strange--I really don't feel like my friend "died"--
I feel like she is still here with me!!!!

to everyone who commented and sent me emails---
You have helped--
I do have to say--this year has been a "hard" one!!!!
But having sooo many loving blog friends helps more than you can know--
THANK YOU-- all---

I did get a nice package in the mail--
my order from the Fat Quarter shop came---
most of these fabrics are intended for 1850's doll dresses--
when ever "Di" gets to make them!!!!!
The two charm packs were only $5.95--couldn't pass that up!!!!
By the way has anyone noticed the price of the charm packs going up?????
I see them at $9 now alot---ouch!!!!!

Okay--time for some fun---
Plus I would not know what to do without a pile of goodies waiting to be mailed out---
Yes all you winners---I finally have everything ready to mail---!!!!!

Today's question involves "toilet paper"!!!!!!
Yep--I did say ---toilet paper!!!!
See kittens like it--
and puppies like it---

But what I want to know is HOW do you like to put your roll of toilet paper on the roll holder???????
Number 1---
Do you put it on this way---so it rolls from the front??????

Number  2----
Or do you do it this way so it rolls from the back side???????

Now guess what---
Little sister does it one way--
and I do it the other way---
so if you want to also add which one of us is rolling the paper which way--you will get more prizes---
and be sure to tell us which way you roll yours!!!!!!!

( I am not sure about "you" but I think "Di" gone "silly" on us now!!!!!

Hugs, to all, Di


  1. No 1 for me!! Charm packs here are just ridiculously expensive... better to get them in from the US I think...
    Have a great day, Di,

  2. I'm glad you're doing ok Di. As far as the TP goes, I'm definitely an "over gal." I'd guess you are too. :-)

  3. oh number 1 for sure!! It is one of my biggest pet peeves...I will actually turn the roll around if it is put on backwards!! i think you are number one and sister is number 2!

  4. Glad you are feeling a little better. I am a number one and I am guessing you are too. L,A-

  5. Glad you are feeling better Di and still take care of yourself :) (((HUGS)))) My way I like putting the roll of toilet paper on is number 1...and I think you do it like that too :) I like it like that because then I dont have to click my fingernails on the wall trying to find the end. Funny guessing game and its all fun :) hugs Vicki

  6. Pleased you are feeling a little better Di.

    Oh No 1 and I think Little sis does as well.

  7. Number 1 for sure, and I'm sure you agree with my method! Although I was raised with number 2. Has anyone else noticed the significance of discussing Number 1 and Number 2 in conjunction with toilet paper?

  8. Glad you are feeling better, still take care of yourself. My way putting the roll of toilet paper on is number 2

  9. Difficult question, Di - I had to run out to the little room and check. I think I can accept either way, but my TP roll holder stops the paper unless I use #2, so I stick to that. And I think you do the opposite?

  10. I am a number 1 over the top person, and I guess you are too.
    It seems most of us think and do the same :)
    for your previous post.

  11. That was supposed to say HUGS for your previous post.

  12. I am a no 1,thanks for asking!!!
    Enter the lovely house for a while Di,looks like a very relaxing house for us all. Happy Quilting to you and wishing the best:-)

  13. I'm glad you're feeling better, but sorry you're having to deal with so much. My way is number 1, and the thing that convinced me was the old paper that had flowers on it. The only way to see it was rolling it over the top!!

  14. LOL, what a funny question!! I am one of those who just don't care! I put it on however I happen to grab it. I think you put yours on to come off in the back, your sister the front. And I'm really sorry for you loss. Yesterdays post made me cry. HUGS

  15. Glad you are feeling some better Di.XO
    Well now I do my in the number one style and thinking you do as well...;-)
    When I received a quilt shop newsletter they referred to raising prices on fabrics and the 'why' of it. I tell ya everything seems to be going up these days.

  16. I'm a #1 over the top kind of gal but I think you might be a #2 under the roll person. We don't actually have a toilet paper holder in our bathroom so Hubby and I are a plop it on the counter and grab kind of couple lol. I have been known to change the ones at doctor's offices to the "correct" position lol. I would never change a family members choice even though they are doing it the wrong way lol.

  17. I am definitely a number 2 girl. (I'm talking about picture number 2) LOL I believe you are a number 2 gal as well.

  18. Oh my goodness Di. I haven't been on the blogs much lately. I went back and read your posts. I'm so sorry about your friend but I know exactly how you feel. Last Spring I read in our paper than an elderly woman had been hit by a car and killed in front of our church. The family asked that her name not be released. The next paper that came out there was her obituary. I couldn't believe it! It had to be a mistake! What was she doing on the road? She had a handicapped sticker and always parked right beside the door.. she couldn't have been crossing the road. But she was. It was the first nice day of Spring and she decided to walk to the church rather than drive. She used a walker cause she had trouble with her knees. An elderly gentleman was driving along and didn't see her. The poor man gave up driving that day he was so horrified. Our minister ran out and looked after her until the EMTs arrived. I'm sure having him there was a comfort for her. She was in a bible study with me so the next study day we all got to share our memories and it was very healing. The one thing the minister said that for some reason helped me was "Patricia died because she got hit by a car." That stopped all the crazy thoughts in my head about why was she in the road and why did she die. Anyway, my heart goes out to you. It is very difficult.

    My toilet paper goes on the same way as #1. I had a boss once who would have a coniption and make us go and change it if we put it on the wrong way *LOL*.

  19. You are loved. Don't forget that...
    xx, shell


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