Saturday, September 25, 2010


Because if I had a cat or two--
then I would not have this helper---
And I need all the help I can get these days!!!!

Between me and my new friend--
we are really happy tonight--
as we got this "project" completely done!!!

Yep-- the quilt that I am donating to the Odessa, NY library is all done--
even the tiny beads are all in!!!
This was a block of the month by Jenny at Gum Tree Designer--
she even wrote the verse that is stitched in the center--
I do not know what line of fabrics I used or if it was a couple different lines!!!

So now I will go on to working some of this months bom's that I have not gotten done and the rest of my Fall projects!!

Here is another couple "flower" pictures from my friends garden yesterday--

So are we having any fun this week end???????
I also got two loads of laundry done first thing this morning--
that felt good!!!!

 Do remember--that often times our most enjoyable moments come from just simple things--like watching a lady bug walking along a flower leaf!!!!

Take care--
Hugs, Di
PS--anyone for a "pop-tart"???????


  1. I have 3 cats, but I would love to have about a dozen kittens. They're just so adorable. Great job on the Library quilt. I'm glad to see the final project.

  2. Your library quilt is adorable!! Good on you for getting it finished and for donating it. Hope your weekend is going great.

  3. The library quilt looks stunning! I'm sure the library will appreciate all the hard work you put into it. I know I do and I can't see it up close :)

  4. Di, I really really REALLY love your library quilt. The colors are stunning! Very nice work, your library will be so happy. :-) That kitten pile picture is sooo cute...I could use a kitten pile, come to think of it!

  5. I want a pop tart. Those pictures are just too cute. Congrats on finishing the library quilt.

  6. Your librairy quilt is gorgeous!!! I love it!!

  7. Love your Library quilt. So nice of you to donate it.

  8. I love your Library Quilt. It's just beautiful, and how generous of you to donate it!

  9. And - simple pleasures like watching your daughter play the guitar and sing - that's how it was for me last night.

  10. Odessa, NY? Well, I used to live in Odessa, TX. Bet they aren't anything alike!


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