Monday, September 20, 2010


Hey--I hear that "Di" is looking for a little dog--
you just might be the right size!!!
then again--you are really small--
knowing her--she might step on you!!!

Little sister and I took the bus to Wal mart today --
it is kinda fun to ride!!!!
Did not buy anything interesting--unless--
you count organic greek yogurt--interesting??????

Before we went I did get some work done--
This is the Library quilt and I am soooo happy to say that the all 9 blocks are now all hand quilted!!!!!!
Now I have the four borders to do--did decide on the stencil design today--so am all ready to start one of them tomorrow!!!!

OH--and for the knitting---
I for got to say---
it is not a sock or a mitten or hat--
would you believe it will be a snowman!!!??????
And I have not gotten any more done on it--
want to get the Fall projects and the quilt of the Library done first!!!!

Yep--think the time has come---
Autumn--Fall-- is here by the end of the week for sure!!!

So it is now TIME--- to get those holiday plans started---
Yea!!! I know---but that one Big holiday will be here before we know it--
so get out those pencils and paper and let's get a list going of what we need to:
party dates----
on and on and on we go!!!!

Hugs Di


  1. That dog picture is so adorable! Where do you find these things?

  2. Hi Di, Would you believe I saw a tiny little PUG( like your picture) on the beach this morning going for a walk if it's owner. I could have taken it home, so cute.
    Love your library quilt.
    Oh Yes so many things to do.I will go into my sewing NOW

  3. oh I love that little doggie!! If you don't have it, can I?!
    Your library quilt is looking gorgeous and yes, it counts as a finish, so please do let me know when you are done!!!

  4. The library quilt is looking good. Can't wait to see the finished product. Can we find a way to slow down time??? The holidays are speeding this way too quickly! L,A-

  5. Love your quilt - it's so pretty! And, I can't wait to see your snowman! Christmas - geeze, you're right it's coming quicker than we think!

  6. Cute puppy---- I think he should come home with you!!

    I posted my "win" from your 500th post today. Thank you again Di! I love them. As you will see on my blog. You are a "Gem"!

    My husband loved the apple pie it is about gone. I had one little bitty piece. :) Hugs, Carolyn


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