Thursday, September 30, 2010


We got lots and lots of rain at my house today--
it felt like this at times--
But we did need it!!!
the rain--we really don't need any more cats and dogs that need homes!!!


So What did I do while it was raining cats and dogs outside????
I worked inside--where it was nice and dry---
on ---
Yes--I have another Fall wall hanging project all done--Yep--eeeee!!!!

Now for a Pom-pom story--
see these--
If you look real close--you will see that they hardly have any of the shiny threads on each ball---now I know I have seen and used ones in the pass that where all filled in nicely--
My advice is to study this packaging--
and don't buy this kind!!!!

Also got this project finished--
It is the fourth "snap" top purse from the sew in with my girl friend the other day--
this one I added a tie handle--you can untie it and make it longer or shorter--good for me!!! (we will not tell the audience that one tie needs to be "frogged" off and turned around and restitched--as this is my "prototype" so it is ok on this one!!!!????????)


Here's a story for your enjoyment---

One rainy day--
Missy was going for a walk when she found--
a lonely wet kitten in a soggy wet box--
so she took him in her arms and took him home--
Then they often watched it rain from inside 
where it was warm and safe--
But the little kitten thought often about his
being taken in and loved and he thought 
it was time to pay back the favor--
So he invited his "lunch" inside and
he promised the little mice that he would not
hurt them until a more proper day came along--
and when it was sunny and warm outside!!!!

And the little mice where so happy that they fixed their new cat friend lunch!!!!
The End!!!!



  1. Cute wall hanging. And cute cat and mouse story. Lovely weather we are having--hope we don't rust!!!! L,A-

  2. My goodness we too are having sooooo much rain we just have to build an Ark, LOL
    hugs - Miche'le

  3. I love both your little wallhanging and the little purse.

  4. Love your sweet lil wall hanging!!
    We have had almost a foot of rain this week but we soooo needed it too! The damp is playing heck with my joints though!
    Cute idea on the purse too!

  5. We had over 25" yesterday. Flooding everywhere. Didn't have internet or TV for most of the day. What a mess.
    We needed the rain and we sure got it! hee,hee,hee.
    xx, shell


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