Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was finally able to spend the "whole" day --pretty much--
in the sewing room--yea!!!!!!!!!!!

I had gotten a panel in of Fall scenes--each block was 3 1/2 inches square and there is 9 of them---
I decided I wanted to make a table runner with them--but at first was not sure how to work it with "9" blocks--but---
Here is the first four--came out to be 12 1/2 block--just cut a bunch of 1 1/2" strips in colors that would go with the prints--and made 4-6 1/2" blocks--
Here's the other set of 4---but where is the 9th one---
right here!!!!!!!!!
and this is what it looks like with all three sewed together----
but now I am thinking I should of turned the two end ones to face up and down
instead of end to end-----oh well!!!!!!!
Have batting and backing all cut for this one--
and for the two I got down yesterday--
and project #4 is a "fussy cut" one and will also be hand pieced--got that one all cut out tonight and it is on the table to stitch!!!!

some have asked what a Library Quilt is--
Well--I get lazy at times and forget to "explain" myself each time--
Here is the Library quilt--
It is the Bouquet bom by Jenny for this year and I have it all together and am hand quilting on each day--when done I am "donating" it to the Library where I get my books---I have 5 blocks all done now--I make myself do one whole block each day--
just have the four corner blocks to do --then the binding --then some bead work--and I really want to get it done by the end of the month--or sooner!!!!

And we all know what is on the "heels" of Fall---
so look at what I got in the mail today????
I love these--those kitties are just sooooo cute--and the other two prints are from the same line--- I love the stripped one!!!

 And these are just soooo pretty--I love red at Christmas time--
I am a red and green Christmas nut!!!!!

the real red one on the left is from the 12 days of Christmas and will go with the layer cakes that I won a couple months ago--and the white and red one goes with a line I got a lot of last year and have not used yet!!!!!

Now you see why I am working so hard on the Fall things now--can't wait to get them done---I wanna get into the Christmas fabrics--at least by the 1st of October!!!!

How are you doing on your Fall projects????
or are you just "skipping" those and going right in to the Christmas mode?????

I have learned that the holidays waits for no man--nor no women---

it comes just like regular clock work whether we are ready or not!!!!!!!

Ahhhhh---now about the puppies--
your answers and advice was really kinda funny as each had a different idea in a way--especially about whether to get a male or a female!!!!
the first little girl is about 2 hour drive from here--at a rescue site--yet they want over $250 for her and a big application to fill out!!!
Winston is in Texas--yep--and I would not let him go on a plane with out an adult!!!!
so I would have to fly down there---
the third one---is near the Pa/Maryland border on the west corner---the owner is a guy and he has dropped the price to $300.00 and he said he had her "shaved"---my heart does go out to this little lady---but??????
I really am looking but really can't get one until around the first of November---
and I know it means walking them 3 times a day or more---but like today---other than going over to little sisters for a minute I was inside all day--and I have seen myself be inside for 4-5 days in a row---so??????

Well--that's all folks for tonight!!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Hmmm...somebody has been busy! I'm in Christmas mode too.
    Looking forward to seeing which doggie you pick or which one magically appears before you. You never know what can happen. Just look at how Harrington showed up!
    hugs to you my friend!

  2. Oh, nice job is done!! Love this motive a lot!!! Oh, I wish I had the little rags of fabrics to make the same works at least... but it is impossible to get them here, sorry..
    The new fabrics look adorable! Love Christmas colors a lot! Good luck!
    hugs. Larisa. xx

  3. Very pretty! You are so quick!
    You will be done with your Christmas stuff before the rest of us finish fall. Hee hee L,A-

  4. You have been busy Di. great table runner.
    Love the fabrics.
    Yes a dog is a big commitment and for ablout 18yrs.BUT you do get a lot of unconditional love and affection too!!!

  5. Nice runner! Love the Christmas fabrics, especially the one with the kittens! I'm sitting here with two dogs cuddling next to me (bad weather today)- I couldn't bear to be without.:) Have you checked Cesar Milan's website - plenty of good advice there.

  6. Very pretty runner Di!
    Yes your mojo seems to have returned!
    I have one more Fall project to finish then I NEED to get on the Christmas myself. A pup is a long term commitment for sure. Sometimes they come to you not perfect. I just do not understand how folks can just give them away but that is me, as they grieve. Do you all have a local dog pound? Can find some sweeties there too.

  7. How nice to have a day in the sewing room and I do like what you are doing with your runner. The Christmas fabric is SO cute - they will be so fun to sew up. Do keep us updated on the 'puppy situation'...our little guy is a poodle cross which means he doesn't shed hair or have a doggy smell but it does mean regular haircuts. Have fun choosing!

  8. How blissful to have a day in your sewing room! I love what you are doing with the table runner, and the Christmas fabric is so cute - that will be fun to sew up. Good luck with the pup = choosing a new pet can be difficult but one usually 'speaks' to you and you know that's the one... Our little guy is a poodle cross which means he doesn't shed hair or have a doggy smell (unless he's been rolling somewhere out on the farm!) but it does mean he has to have regular trims (maybe every couple months).

  9. Your table runner looks great! Love the colors. For me...I'm skipping right ahead to Christmas crafting :)


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