Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well. my blog friends---
so much for another great week end--
so back to work!!!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny warm fall day here--
just loved it--
Little sister and I went over town and did our "tour" of our favorite shops--
I only purchased this--
a fall leaf garland of real small leaves--
so when I get my fall things down--I can play with this too!!!

We did eat out--at the Pizza place--we got Meatball sub and shared it--
Let me tell you--talk about hot--they must of dumped the whole "pepper' shaker in the 
meatball mix--I ate my half--then came home and pigged out on mint things!!!!

Remember my Mary--her granddaughter Taylor is a Junior this year in high school and she is on a lot of different kinds of sports teams--
she has always been on the swimming team--
But this year--
she switched teams and is now on the Volleyball team--
there she is #14 this year----she has really "thrown" the family for a "loop"
as they all have to learn a whole new set of rules and language!!!!
so Taylor is not the only one on her toes this year!!!!!!

Today Sunday--
it was overcast here today--but nice--
in the morning I finished this fall project--
Yep-- all hand pieced and hand quilted!!!!  
the purple in it is a little darker than it shows here!!!

Then I went over and played with Morris--he is a funny kitten!!!!

Then after lunch -- I decided I would actually start a knitting project that I purchased in Jan 2010!!!!
then I discovered I forgot to have the Yarn shop wind the Yarn for me--
so off I went--visited a little and came home--
then the fun began---
I had to do 6 stitches--2 stitches on each of 3 double pointed needles--
OH what fun---just couldn't do it--the needles kept slipping out and falling on the floor--
So--I went back to the Yarn shop--the Lady there did help me to the "tune" of $10.10!!!
she had me get a set of double pointed needles that were much shorter than I was using---
they are so cute---
she helped me get it started and I came home--
ONLY once at home I made another "goof" somehow--
I took it off and restarted it once again--
and now look--
it is coming along nicely!!!
and I got my "exercise" in today!!!!

See ya tomorrow--
Hugs, Di


  1. Your Halloween project is cute--nice purple color!!! Your knitting sounds really hard. For me anyway--I am sure you will be finished tomorrow. Can't wait to see it. L,A-

  2. Wow! A busy weekend for you! Your knitting looks really hard to me too. I am very much a beginner and flat out with two needles. I think three needles would send me into some kind of knitting meltdown!

  3. Your Halloween project is very cute! Your knitting looks like its coming along nicely now. I love working on 3 or 4 needles....are you making socks or mittens? i have been making mittens lately. Soon it will be cold and my mitten basket only has one pair left in it for this year!!

  4. Good luck with the knitting. I never mastered knitting, so I stick with crocheting.
    I love your little quilt. And Morris is adorable. Aren't all kittens?

  5. Can't wait to see what you're knitting. You're so lucky to be able to go to the shop and get help, even if you had to pay for it. Your Halloween project looks great.

  6. Cute Halloween project! Pretty Fall garland too.
    You go 3 needle gal! I do not knit or crochet. Sadly did not learn and will not add it to my list at this point! ;-)
    Morris is a cutie!!

  7. Great colours in your Halloween project.
    You have been busy buzzing around this weekend.
    Morris is so cute.

  8. Love your Halloween project. It would look great on my table ;)

    Morris looks like he is a ball of energy!

    Your new knitting project looks like it is coming along nicely. Are you braving the world of socks? I actually enjoy knitting on three needles. Your new needles are adorable. I don't think I have any that small. I do prefer the bamboo ones over the metal though. The stitches don't slip off as easily.

  9. No you're knitting! Dag girlfriend you can do lots of fun things!
    Love Morris kitty. Too cute!


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