Friday, October 22, 2010


Now this is not "my" fault--you all!!!
this is the workings of Carol--
the lady who is helping Little sister and me with the kittens across the street--
remember her?????
Well--she had to be there for the first few mornings this week--
and she kept saying--
"this kitten has 'picked' you Di--look see how she is twisting herself around your legs'--
on and on she went each day--
and each day I would try to remind myself--
that I really wanted a little dog!!!!

But my 'little dog'
goes Meow--Meow!!!
So meet--
Gracie-Kady bug!!!
Hi Gracie--
would you like to come out and meet "Di's" blog friends???

Good girl--Gracie!!!

Check out those "markings"--
three of her legs are solid black--and one is calico!!!
She has some other real unusual markings--and everyone falls in love with her!!!
And she really did pick me--but why me????
She is a total "love bug"--she can't get enough -- so we spend alot of time during the day in my rocker cuddling and scratching her under her chin--and her belly!!!
and then once or twice in the night we have to have some "loving"!!!
Today she finally actually did some playing with some toys--
this one is her favorite--
Little sister got this for her--she had gotten Morris one-and he loves his--
and boy does Gracie love hers--we get them at Walmart for $4.00 and it comes with 3 more batteries--what a deal for cats!!!!

I believe if I was to actually "chose" one it would of probably been "Ace" the black one--
but--Gracie picked me first!!!

I was able to pick up Ace today--that was fun--but it was really really cold here today--or rather that wind was--so we had to feed the last three quickly and leave!!!
tomorrow we are caging up "Ace" and he is to go to Carols garage--then on Sunday we will get the other gals--Emma and Meme and take them to one of Carols neighbors for a few days--keep praying for homes for these three--they will be as loving as Morris and Gracie are!!  Thanks!!

Ok--on to some sewing news---
yea--have managed to find some time--
Yesterday afternoon I got all these bom prepped--we are winding down on these--
some of these are the last ones for the series--some are almost the end!!

and today--
I got the Sentimental Journey bom for October stitched--now to decide how to finish this months????
Have done some hand quilting on a project too--
and I even got the laundry done today--
good for me!!!!!

OH MY--I just realized that today was--
another FRIDAY--
so that means--
tomorrow starts another --

so have some fun--
hugs, Di


  1. See, the kittie did pick you! I love torties, and I love the name Gracie. My Gracie was a grey and white kittie. Good luck!!

  2. Congratulations! She looks about the same age as my kitten. You are going to have so much fun. I guess you found a litter that you aren't allergic to! YAY!

  3. She is so sweet!! You are going to have so much fun. Going to have to go hunting for a couple of those mice.

  4. Oh Gracie is gorgeous. Nice to have a furry friend to cuddle.
    You will have to put a phot of her in your header with Morris.
    Happy Stitching and enjoy your weekedn.

  5. Congratulations, Di! She is adorable! Hope all goes well with the last 3. Have a cuddly weekend :)

  6. Yay for Gracie!!!! So glad she picked you :) Enjoy all the cuddles!!!

  7. Happy you have Gracie!! She looks like our Cocoa! Our sweet Sadie dog picked my DH as well. You all will have a wonderful time for many years to come. Maybe a lil dog will come along as well.

  8. Such an adorable new friend. I'm curious too if you found a litter that doesn't bother you. I've read that Target has kitty litter that is 100% paper and 100% wheat.

  9. Lovely cuddely friends around! Used to love cats,but that was before I had two allergic children!!! Well,I can always have a purr-fect day anyway:-)

  10. Precious! Precious! Precious!!!
    Wishing you so much happiness together!
    Makes my heart happy Di!
    xx, shell


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