Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had a fun and productive day---finally--
First I did some hand work--
then I went into the work room--
and I checked out last years -- UFO's--
here is one--3 blocks are nearly done--
and all the rest of the blocks are prepped--Yes!!!
this wall hanging is also all prepped--
I believe I did one for the Library last year and then planned to do one for meself???
this one is not started--but these fabrics must be the ones I had planned to use as they were in the bag with the book????

Now this "poor" pattern--I bought probably 5 years ago--
then last year or even maybe the year before--
I got the plaid homespuns cut into 2 inch squares and found what I wanted to use for the background fabric--but it sat for another year--
AND--looky what happened to day---
one whole block (which is a set of 4--8inch blocks)
is all sewed--
Can you see that there is an appliqued bird in the center of each block???
I had thought of doing another quilt--
but me thinks I will do some small individual wall hanging instead--
now doesn't sound like a "plan"????

I also cleaned out the one Christmas fabric drawer--
and this is what I found--
all new pieces from last year--
this drawer is a couple years collection of odds and ends!!!!


Here is my "stash" I have been collecting for this year!!!!
what to do --what to do?????


got this package of goodies today--
one red pile is the real 'jumbo' size rick rack
the other one is smaller size rick rack
two different colors of pretty Christmas ribbon
one card of buttons in burgundy
and the cutest snowman felt pattern!!!
I know--I did not need any of it--but??????

and last ==
but not least==
another bom finish--Gifts of Grace!!
again--I did not totally follow directions--
there is suppose to be more flowers on the vine at the bottom--
but I like this as it is--think more would make it tooooo busy!!!!

well that's my story--
NO wait--got one more story for you--
Momma cat--
Is now named "Maddie" and she is going to stay at the shelter is now listed on their adoptive list----Yes!!!! and she is apparently all well!!!

Update on Cameo--
Amy emailed me that she found her a home with a coworker who has a son--
and the son and Cameo are best buddies--Yes!!!!!

Ok now that is enough for tonight--
BE SURE-- though to keep reading and there is 'two' posts for tonight--


  1. I love lots of Christmas fabric. I try to add new holiday fabric each year.

    I like the block with the plaid homespuns. I think a wall hanging is a good idea.

  2. Looks like a sewing tornado went through there. A fun tornado. You have been a busy girl. L,A-

  3. oh wow, oh wow, I love all the Christmas goodness!!!! Get busy girl!

  4. Wow!! I'd love to have all that Christmas fabric. Think of all the gifts that can be scratched off your list!
    You go girl.
    Hugs, Faye


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